Here you will find our most commonly asked questions – just click on the “+” sign to expand the answers. Please let us know if your query has not been answered below, and we will happily respond to your specific requests.
Are the retreats supervised by qualified health professionals?

Yes. We provide constant support to our clients and have Western qualified retreat hosts, qualified practitioners in Natural Medicine, Naturopathy and Nutrition; who work closely with our clients to achieve their personal goals. Our team have over 15 years combined experience specifically working with fasting and detox clients, and extensive additional experience offering a diverse range of natural health modalities to our clients throughout our retreats.

This is our definitive point of difference from other retreat offerings in Bali, and one which we feel is paramount to the safety and support of our clients, and the amazing results we deliver! We typically have two Western qualified retreat hosts guiding you through your transformative retreat experience. We are not the cheapest option – but we do feel we provide the greatest value to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. And we believe that investing in your health is pivotal to reaching your full potential and making an impact on the world around you. 

I've found a similar retreat that is cheaper, where is the extra value in going with Natural Instinct Healing?

There are some amazing programs out there, and we tip our hat off to anyone who has established themselves in the industry and continue to provide a quality service! The value we believe we deliver, above and beyond any other program, has been listed below:

Western qualified professional support during your retreat: There is typically a Western Qualified Practitioner on site from 8am to 7pm every day throughout your retreat. We generally have two Western qualified retreat hosts on our programs, who rotate on a schedule which means they usually both are on site for 4-6 hours a day. Our practitioners are qualified in Naturopathy, Nutrition and/or Natural Medicine – and we feel strongly that this is vital to the safety and support of our clients. Our team members have been facilitating detox retreats in Australia, Thailand, Europe and Bali – and have guided hundreds (approaching thousands!) of guests through the cleansing and detox process.

Holistic approach to health: We not only focus on the physical detoxification of our your body, but have a strong and supportive emphasis on your emotional and spiritual health. It is very common, as we detox the body, that emotions also come forth for cleansing – with this in mind our therapists are experienced with reiki, emotional cleansing, flower essence therapy, and a host of other modalities to ensure your experience is an empowering journey as you reconnect and step into your full potential.

Accommodation: We accommodate our guests in comfort to ensure the experience is as much a holiday and rejuvenation as it is a total transformation of their health and wellbeing. For those who wish to upgrade we have tiered levels of accommodation to cater for everyone.

Empowering our guests: We are committed to not only inspiring healthy lifestyles, but also empowering and educating our guests so they go home with practical tools to implement healthy lifestyle changes into their lives. As part of all our programs we have interactive workshops covering health, raw food kitchen classes, nutrition, conscious cleansing, emotional clearing, and meditations.

What currency are your prices in?

All prices on the website are in USD unless noted otherwise. We have a global network of clients from all corners of the world, so to keep things stable we use the USD. We hope you understand.

I can't find your retreat centre on Trip Advisor, why is it not on there!?!

All businesses have a choice to be on Trip Advisor; for several reasons we choose not to be on there. One reason is that ultimately we believe (and know from industry feedback) that a lot of the ‘feedback’, positive or otherwise, is bogus i.e. fake testimonials done in an attempt to either ‘boost’ the businesses profile, or negative feedback from others setting out to shame their competitors. So we choose to let your guests do their own talking, and accompany each testimonial with a photo, name, and employment of the past guest.We also have had some beautiful guests share their experience via video testimonials. These can all be found in the “About” heading of our website.

What is the procedure for securing a booking, is there a deposit I need to pay?

In order to secure a booking we require a 25% non-refundable deposit. The balance is required no later than 30 days prior to arrival. All bookings are now made through our booking portal online. Click the ‘bookings’ heading on website to go proceed. Payment is 100% secure, safe, and seamlessly made via credit card.

I'm on medication(s), can I still join a detox program?

If joining our fasting detox program we will need to know specific details around what medication and dosage, for what condition, so as to ensure our program will not be contraindicative to your healing journey. Rarely have one of our programs not been suitable for a client based on their medication intake.

During your initial intake on day one of the program, one of our qualified Naturopaths assess your overall health history and discuss with you what time of day will be best for you to continue taking your medication. You will not be asked to stop taking your medication.

The absorption of most medications through the liver is roughly 2-4 hours. It can take longer (4-8 hours) depending on the drug and its route of absorption – in these instances your medication will need to be taken at night at 8-9pm (approx. 4 hours after your last detox-bentonite clay shake). Then it has 8-10 hours of absorption throughout the night.

Our Naturopaths can prescribe additional system support (herbal, homeopathic, etc) that will support you during the detox. We have a variety of serotonergic herbs that will enhance and support the absorption and pharmacodynamics certain medications. Typical medications will be absorbed provided there is a 2-4 hour ‘time window’ away from the detox-bentonite clay shakes. This question is asked a lot and is always a big concern for guests that are taking a few different medications, so we understand your concerns.

The colonics and enemas are only able to remove what is in the colon. By the time a medication has been processed by the liver, the renal system and the stomach, it is only the excipients of the tablet left in the colon to be removed. Excipients are the fillers, binders, chemicals and powders that make up the tablet. The active medication is already absorbed and the body excretes the residue of the tablet.

As always the details outlined above are our opinion based on experience, and no substitute for professional advice from your local doctor, health professional, etc. 

I have a specific condition and/or disease. How do I know if a retreat will be suitable for me?

Please ensure you mention your condition and/or disease in as much detail as possible within your initial enquiry to us. We will respond with questions to clarify the status, severity, and nature of the condition. From there we can provide you with our qualified health opinion.

Do you use self-administered enemas or colonic hydrotherapy?

We utilise self-administered enemas as part of our program. We feel they are less obtrusive on the body, and a “gentler” way of cleansing the colon. Our guests have been getting some great results! We also recommend and coordinate as an optional extra for our guests to have a “high colonic” as part of the program. This is facilitated at a nearby resort by a professional therapist.

Will I have time during my retreat for relaxing, shopping, down time, etc?

Natural Instinct Healing are well experienced in the art of providing constant support to guests while giving them the space to enjoy Bali! Generally the day starts with Yoga or Exercise Therapy at 8:30am, a workshop every 2nd day at 12:00pm, and then massages and/or steam and sauna sessions mid afternoon.

For those wishing to unplug and relax there is plenty of time for a good book around the pool! And we have a full time driver on hand for transfers into and around town – for those guests looking to enjoy some retail therapy 🙂

How many people do you usually have on your retreats?

We do not have a minimum participant number – so when we confirm your booking we will run your retreat! We aim keep things personal to enable our retreat hosts to “hold space” for our guests appropriately, as such typically our groups have a maximum of 12 guests. More often our guest numbers on retreat are typically 6-8 guests. This is unique to the industry… and we feel we have greater results in this intimate setting where our qualified practitioners and retreat hosts have ample time to share with each individual guest.

Do I need a Visa to come to Bali?

It is our guest’s responsibility to check his or her own visa and entry requirements into Indonesia, as these can change at anytime without notice. Please make certain that your passport has at the very least 6 months before it expires or you may be refused entry into Indonesia. Australians and many other nationalities can pay for a 30 Day tourist visa upon arrival at the airport for US$30, or the equivalent in major currencies. ATM Bank machines are readily available inside the airport after you pass through immigration.

What happens when I arrive at the airport in Bali?

Airport transfers are included in your retreat package. We’ll have a smiling Balinese driver waiting as you exit the airport with a sign with your name on it. You will then be chauffeured in a comfortable air-conditioned car up to Ubud, which is approx. 1.5hrs from the airport.

Checking through the airport can be hit and miss… Sometimes you can breeze through in 30 minutes, other times it can take up to an hour or more to pass through immigration and customs. But rest assured the driver will be waiting on the other side regardless of how long it takes! As you come out of the airport there will be a sea of drivers waiting to collect people (which can be a daunting welcome to Bali!), take your time to look around as one will have your name on a sign!

For guests wanting to exchange foreign cash upon arrival we strongly recommend waiting to do so at a reputable exchange house near the retreat centre in Ubud. They provide a much better exchange rate and professional service.

What time do I start and finish my retreat?

Day one of your retreat will include a personal health assessment and retreat orientation; our retreat hosts will begin these from 12:00pm (Midday) for guests. The group retreat orientation is typically scheduled for 3-4pm on Day One. We understand connecting flights often arrive mid afternoon on Day 1. This is not a major problem; keeping in mind that for those fasting you will only consume water and freshly squeezed juices whilst in transit to Bali.

Guests “break” their fast on the final day at approx. 10am, checking out prior to midday. Subject to availability early checkins and late checkouts can be arranged. Additional night(s) accommodation before and after the retreat can be arranged with us at a 25% discount for retreat guests, should you wish to arrive the day(s) before or stay after your retreat has finished.

What should I bring to Bali and the retreat?

Please note we encourage you to purchase all non-chemical products for your retreat! This can include facial and hair care products, toothpaste, etc… There are also some great local organic shops in Ubud that specialize in non-chemical and organic products. Swimwear for water therapy, dipping pools, steam, and sauna; 2 x Sarongs for massages and water ceremony; Light jumper (it does get cool in Ubud!); Sunscreen and Hat; Comfortable clothes suitable for yoga & exercise; Foot wear/runners for morning rice paddy walks; Sanitary pads and/or tampons. Please also bring anything else that you always wish you had more time for! e.g. Musical instrument, books (we do have a retreat library), etc.

Do you treat guests with a history of substance abuse / addictions?

People from all walks of life join us, for all different reasons – but please note we are not a ‘substance’ detox centre for guests with addictions and a history of substance abuse e.g. alcohol, amphetamines, heroin, marijuana, etc. We will be happy to recommend alternative options for these guests – one which is particularly well regarded in Bali.

If you have been clean (absolutely no use of any substances aside from tobacco) for an extended period (12+ months) and would like to discuss joining us as a further extension of your cleansing journey please do so. We just need to check in with you around your sobriety and a couple of unique questions so as to ensure we can deliver on our promise of supporting you through a transformative process.

What are your usual guests' age and background?

We have guests from all walks of life. That’s what keeps our job so interesting! Guests all have their own reason for joining us, so there is not an average age or demographic per-say; more so an eclectic mix of colourful characters!

I know some of the NIH team already. Do you know who will be hosting my retreat?

Our amazing team at Natural Instinct Healing are also on their own professional, personal, health and healing journeys – so we cannot guarantee which of our team members will be onsite at any one time to guide you through your specific retreat experience; only that you will have qualified and constant support throughout your stay with us. Typically we have a roster that includes two retreat hosts on every retreat. If you have a preference and/or connection to one of our team members please let us know within your initial enquiry.

I'm looking at coming with my partner or a friend. Do you offer discounts for twin share?

Yes. We offer a 15% discount for couples and twin share bookings (i.e. 2 pax in one bedroom). This discount rates are already reflected in the “share bed” or “twin share” room booking options when registering for a program. Twin share, with 2 separate beds in the one room, is currently only available in the Muladhara, and Manipura rooms. Whereas all rooms, except the Anahata rooms, can accommodate ‘shared bed’ bookings.

What dates can I come for a retreat, are there set dates?

Yes we have set scheduled retreat dates. These can be found by clicking on the “bookings” heading, which will give program options and dates. Typically our 7 & 10 night Fasting Detox and Superfood Cleanse programs are offered on all retreat dates, and our 14 night Total Transformation is offered every 2nd retreat dates.

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