This busy time of year can often be a challenging time for health – as those who have been ‘busy without balance’ stumble into the Festive Season holidays worn out, unenergised, and often not ready for the big energy that comes with family time over the break.

So we’ve got “5 Busy and Balanced Tips” to help you through December and into the new year:

  1. Keep the Calm – it is often super hard to maintain the balance when the mind is going around in circles with the massive amount of things we all need to finish before the year is out… It can get chaotic. So give your mind a rest! We’ve been using the Headspace App‘s “Take 10” free meditations to keep the calm. 10 mins a day. Give it a go!
  2. Food love – this time of year can be demanding on the physical, emotional and mental body. So an even more important time to be feeding the body good, nourishing and energising foods ~ gift your body some love! Smoothies, juices and soups are a great way to get extra nutrients without feeling sluggish and weighed down. One smoothie that has been rocking our boat lately > Cashews, Coconut water, Coconut Oil, Strawberries, Blueberries, Greens Powder & Cacao. Berry-licious!
  3. Keep connected – Relationships can also suffer this time of year as we sometimes put the “blinkers on” with only the finish line in sight… One simple and easy habit that all our guests know we use is the daily “Highs & Lows”. As easy as checking in at the dinner table with your family/friends about one high and one low from their day. That simple. And yes the ceremony of your evening meal should be at the table and not in front of the TV!
  4. Don’t drop the ball – Often all the amazing healthy habits you’ve worked so hard on through the year get thrown out the window with the onslaught of corporate functions and christmas parties… Hitting the ground running in the new year is 100% easier if your body is there to back you up. Celebrate the year’s successes – for sure! But make sure you keep up all those little healthy habits and we guarantee you that this time next year you will be celebrating bigger successes!
  5. Get outside – Been in nature has a powerfully energising affect on the body, known simply as ‘Biophilia’. So soak up that free energy and get outside: bush and beach walks; surfing; swimming; yoga on the grass… the list goes on! It’s all FREE ENERGY – so make use!

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