The detox box

hand crafted by natural instinct healing 

Guaranteed Results

7+ years experience guiding and supporting over 1200 clients through deep detox retreats in Ubud, Bali. We know what it takes to deliver results.

We're with you. All the way.

Cleanse and recipe guide books are just the start. We’ll be holding your hand daily with guided meditations; support videos; and holistic tips to cleanse with ease.

A tool box to rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.

Designed to combat the ill-effects of modern day toxicity : guiding and supporting you from feeling sluggish, unclear, and stressed to thriving with new energy, clarity and motivation. Crafted by Natural Instinct Healing’s qualified team of Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Detox Experts who follow a very holistic approach to health – the Detox Box is designed to get you back on track and performing at your potential.

Having Trouble Finding your Mojo?

You’re Not Alone. That’s why we created the Detox Box!

We all experience ‘slumps’ in our personal and professional lives. When we lose our ‘mojo’. Whether its weight gain, stress, unclarity, disconnection, or just a general lack of motivation. We’ve all been there, you’re not alone. Now take action. A guided 7 day home detox cleanse guaranteed to have you energised; with a clarity of mind; and back in your mojo flow!

what’s in the detox box?

The physical Detox Box has all your supplements; guide books; and detox tools to get underway. All you need to add is fresh fruit and vegetables!

Cleanse Guide Book

A step-by-step ‘home cleanse’ guide.

Cleanse Recipe Book

Naturopathic & nutritionist approved recipes.

Green Powder

Organic & powerful greens powder. It tastes amazing too!

Raw Cacao Powder

Legit organic raw cacao. The best locally grown in Bali!

Cleanse & Clear Spray

A unqiue blend to clear negative energy and restore balance.

Turmeric Powder

Natural & preservative-free sourced from ethical Balinese farmers.

Cold Pressed VCO

Virgin coconut oil sourced direct from the land of coconuts, Bali.

Dry Skin Body Brush

A ‘tool’ to help in releasing toxins from your largest eliminative organ.

Organic Beauty/Skincare

Organic product to make sure no toxin touch your skin!

Digital Detox USB Card

Tailored resources to deepen your detox experience.

Are You Ready to Kick-Start Your Journey?

We have two options to suit your needs.

Physical product. Delivered to your door.

The ‘Detox Box’ is jam packed with all your superfood supplements ready to go. It’s for clients who want to utilise our research, experience, and our trust in the best products we could source from around the globe. For those who value their time and want an end-to-end superfood solution!

Digital product. Delivered to your inbox.

The ‘Digital Detox Box’ is for clients who already have their own supps and are looking for a professionally guided home cleanse with supporting meditations, videos, and tips – all delivered digitally. The Digital Detox Box excludes physcial products. Instant access. Start today!

About us

Qualified team of Western health professionals.

The Detox Box is the culmination of supporting and monitoring best practice methods for 7+ years specifically working in the fasting and detox space. Over 1200 detox clients; 3 naturopaths; 3 nutritionists; and a team of detox experts have all contributed to delivering the best home detox cleanse kit in the business!

The Approach

Everything we do and deliver at Natural Instinct Healing is based around a holistic approach to health – mind, body, spirit. In order to attain and maintain true health and wellness one must look at the ‘whole’ self. The Detox Box is so much more than a kit to weight loss, its a holistic tool box to let go of all that no longer serves you.

The Process

The cleanse is a thorough detox following the tried and tested detox principles we have come to know as best practice in our private retreat centre in Bali. The cleanse will move you into, through, and out of a detox process – the depth of which depends on the individual, and their willingness to dive deep into the journey.

The Framework

You follow a simple ‘recipe’ for success. Success we’ve defined as ‘the cleansing of anything that no longer serves the client’s best interests’! For 7 days you will be guided by book and videos to follow a detox diet, self care practices, movement classes, and meditation practice. The results? Mind-body rejuvenation.


For those not ready for the 7 day Detox Box cleanse, or are looking for a lighter entry level option, then try our ‘Detox Challenge’ – a 5 day challenge to get you back on track. Sign up here to begin making a change. Or see below for some free resources from our “Health & Healing Hub” membership program (aka The Hub).

“I know I’m ready for something, but… I need to talk to an expert before I move forward”. We get it, and we’re here for you. Book a free session with an expert about your next best move.

“The Natural Instinct Healing team are 100% committed to making an impact and supporting their clients to live to their full potential! They are an amazing group of health professionals with a true passion for creating healthy lifestyles.”

Katherine Maslen

“NIH has changed my life.  After my first retreat, I knew detoxing was a must have in my life on a yearly basis.  This being my 4th retreat!. For anyone who detox physically and emotionally, and find the resources for living a healthy lifestyle”.

Nicholle Chandler

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Every detox box makes a difference

For each purchase of a physical Detox Box we feel our responsibility is twofold: To make a positive impact on the lives and health of others less fortunate than ourselves; and to cause the least amount of environmental harm. So for each and every purchase we’re doing something about it, in collaboration with our lifetime partners B1G1: Business for Good.

With each purchase you will contribute to us making the following positive impacts :

Together we plant a tree to save the Orangutans!

And helped rebuild the native forest habitat at Tanjung Puting National Park (Central Borneo) to assist in the restoration of endangered wildlife such as the Orangutan by planting trees. Orangutans can live in safety from being killed as pests by farmers, palm oil plantation staff and illegal loggers. This reforestation project will support an increasing population of Orangutans, enabling them to travel in safety and have access to food.  

AND we also gift a month’s supply of vegetable seeds to a Cambodian family!

One of the biggest barriers to Cambodian girls attending school is their immediate need for food. When a family is hungry, the search for food becomes their main priority and children spend their days either working or searching the forest for food. This will supply a family with enough food for their home; make education a possibility for the children; and sometimes extra produce to sell at local markets for profit. 


What type of detox is this?

The “Detox Box” cleanse is a 7 day all liquid, vegan, superfood cleanse. Your diet will consist of soups, smoothies, juices, teas, and elixirs.

who are the creators of the 'detox box'?

The team at Natural Instinct Healing operate a private detox, health and wellness retreat centre in Ubud, Bali. We’ve guided over 1200 clients on extended detox programs over the past 7+ years. The team consists Australian qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Yoga Teachers, and Detox Experts.

i'm ready to really dive deep on a full detox retreat!

Yay. We’re ready to support you. Click here to view our program options – we run approx. 2 retreats every month in Bali; 2 retreats each year in Australia; and in 2019 we’ll be hosting 3 retreats in Europe!


The Detox Box is an amazing tool for cleansing, but is not suitable to everyone. We do not advise partaking in the detox if you are have any of the following conditions, diseases, or symptoms:

  • Please ensure you consult your health professional prior to starting the Detox Box if you have any reason for concern. Not sure? Call us on +61 1800 875 169 (toll free).
I'm not sure about this... can i talk to a professional?

YES. We love old fashioned communication, without any emojis! Call our toll free Australian landline number +61 1800 875 169 or book a free Health Discovery Session by clicking here.

not for me at the moment. But I’d love something free!

Cool bananas. Timing is essential for change. Click here for a goodies box of free resources.

“I felt at ease, all time with the host and Bali staff are all very supportive. I enjoyed all yoga and meditations. Workshop was very helpful. During the program I realize what I should do to improve my spiritual well being.” Alessandro Leoni, Italy (Bali Fasting Detox Retreat – September 2018)
“My highlight during the Total Transformation program was the me time doing something for me for a change. The cultural experience was wonderful!” Pamela Nelsons, USA (Bali Fasting Detox Retreat – August 2018)
“This program affords me the opportunity to feel the complete peace I am learning with. I feel I love myself in a way I never have. I know it is a process, but I feel amazing.” Sherry Hoppkins, USA (Bali Fasting Detox Retreat – August 2018)
“My highlight was the experience and all the nice people I met here. I am grateful to live these with you, it was really intense, sharing my things with you!” Melanie Waller, Argentina (Bali Fasting Detox Retreat – July 2018)
“The retreat hosts were so sooooo supportive and made me feel very safe and loved the entire time. I highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to refresh themselves from the inside out!” Lucy Sklenar, United States (Bali Fasting Detox Retreat – April 2018)
“The amazing hosts here are extremely skilled in their fields and have provided me with a fresh look on life through their practices and expansice knowledge.” Victoria Hayes, Australia (Bali Fasting Detox Retreat – December 2017)

The end of the page… and the start of your journey!

Life is too short to operate outside of your human potential. Take action and cleanse your body, mind, and spirit – and step up and into your full potential.

The physical product of the Detox Box is currently ONLY available for delivery inside Australia, please purchase the digital version if you reside outside of Australia!

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