If you’ve ever travelled to Bali before, you would know that it is one special place! Not only the beautiful scenery, culture, food, surf, shopping etc. Also the incredible energy this island holds. Bali is a place where people come for a holiday and leave with so much more. Especially if you travel to Ubud. I would call Ubud… ‘The Vortex of Transformation and Growth’. The whirlwind of energy around this town is incredible!

Ubud is already thriving with energy and due to the eruptions of Mt Agung the force has reached an all time high. Talking from my own personal experience as I have been here since the eruptions (which are still on going) the energy is intense. I am naturally a spiritual person, I’m quite sensitive to energies as it is something I am super passionate about and use in my daily life. In saying that, I have recently realized just how connected we are as humans to mother nature. This incredible volcanic eruption is stirring the pot and boy can we feel it! I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions since being here and am finding it hard to ground myself. I wouldn’t say it has been a bad thing, I would say the whole experience has been very eye opening and intriguing.

I’m realising within myself, I needed the shake up to release certain things I was holding onto that no longer served me. It’s easy to get side tracked with day to day life and lose sight of yourself and what you actually need. Not what you think you need, but what your body is crying out for. For example, about a month prior to arriving in Bali, I was not meditating or practicing what I preach (yoga!). I was teaching yoga, hosting workshops, classes etc. However, I was not personally practicing. I was so extremely busy trying to get everything organised before the big move that I left my self nurturing on the side burner. I didn’t realise at the time, however, since arriving in Bali I am reminded everyday that my body needs meditation and yoga to work at my full potential. I’ve had to practice daily, even if I haven’t wanted to, as it is the only way I can ground myself with all this powerful energy floating around.

Teaching yoga at Natural Instinct Healing Retreat has been an amazing blessing at the moment. I feel the guests are so intune with this extra energy and are diving deep within themselves and releasing and unleashing anything that needs to come forward for them personally. A Fasting Detox retreat is already such a deep self exploration and with this powerful energy in the air it is pushing that little bit more, making the whole experience so incredibly life changing. You can see it in every guest that I have taught thus far.

Of course the Volcanic action is extremely heart breaking for the locals in the area and the whole tourism industry as it is very quiet here at the moment. Especially with the media creating fear within people outside of Bali to travel here. I honestly think it is the best time to come to Bali. A lot of things are cheaper (due to so many people cancelling), there’s less traffic and people and the whole island is at its most powerful force.

Ubud is like it was 7 years ago, and the locals although they are losing business and many people have been laid off, their positive attitude and actions towards the volcano disruption is incredibly inspiring. Their whole life is shaking, especially financially as some people are supporting their whole families. Yet they still hold such strength and with determined positivity. This is something I think the whole world should take note from.

Mt Agung is stirring the pot for a reason and I honestly feel like it is an entirely different experience for each individual. However, at the same time I think it is also a lesson for the ‘collective conscious’ ~ to reflect on just how powerful mother nature is, and a lesson for us to start respecting and working in tune with nature. We need to stop dividing humans and nature into different categories. We are both working living energies creating this world together.

The greatest gift you could contribute to the local community would be to come, holiday, explore, and enjoy Bali! That is what the island needs most now (and it is in my opinion the best time to come!). If that isn’t an option then donations to the relief efforts can be made to local causes including:


Clare Boyd

Clare Boyd

Resident Yoga Teacher

A certified yoga teacher embodying the art of living a creative holistic lifestyle. Through the movement of the body and breath Clare has found a way to dive deeper within herself; creating a happier, lighter, and love filled life. On her personal road to self discovery she aims to support others to make positive change in their lives. Through her passion for yoga Clare gifts participants the opportunity to move stagnant energy and blockages within the body – bringing more awareness and free flowing harmony to the mind, body and spirit.


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