Last week was the election for presidency here in Indonesia. Given the country’s history it is a BIG deal for our local communities – as it should be! On that theme we could say that your personal health and wellbeing is democratic.¬†You have the choice to elect what food enters your body, what you listen to and view, and you have the time to make conscious decisions on these.

Assumptions made to draw this conclusion are based on your education, wealth and socioeconomic standing. You’re reading this – so you are educated; you can afford the device you’re viewing this from (or you’re on a work computer); and you prioritise your health.

Last week’s elections here got me thinking about our approach to health, and the unique and luxurious position we (our team and clients) have when it comes to our health choices.

In particular what stood out most was our team’s non-negotiable agreement to not appease any ‘victim’ mentality with guests on retreat. It can sometimes land us in hot water with clients early on in the retreat process… but as clients come to understand that our Bali retreat hosts do this from a place of love and a desire to support our clients’ growth and healing, then forms a deep understanding and respect for what could be viewed as at times a ‘tough love’ approach to health and healing. We want clients to dive deep into their wellness while on retreat in Bali, and we believe any perceived notion of not ‘having a choice’ only impedes the process.

The bottom line is that the nature of a Health Democracy is that you have the luxury to cast your vote towards the betterment of your health, and often the planet and others, each and every day. Whether it is choosing free range eggs or caged at your local shop, or making a conscious decision to turn off the TV and do a meditation before bed. Each and every decision builds on habits, that ultimately shape the life you live daily.

Be conscious of the choices you make. Just for a day. And then a week. And then before you know it you’re living in a world designed by you, for you, and for the enhancement of all. The ultimate Democracy!

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