For most women, the main roadblocks to accessing their full feminine power stem from ​a ​big ​lack of self love.

Lack of self respect.

We can not create change and transformation and lead from a place of love and devotion if we do not love and respect ourselves. This immersion will dive deep to the level that is required for core healing.

Lack of Self Love.

We cannot show up to others in the way that we want to if we do not love all parts of ourselves. This immersion will uncover and shine light on the parts of yourself that have been lost or hidden in the darkness.

Lack of true health.

We cannot live with the full vibrancy of health and vitality if we do not love ourselves. Through specific practices the immersion will reconnect and restore your inner vibrancy, and re-learn how to nurture your energy.

This day is ideal for health conscious women wanting to uncover their feminine power. 

The Dutchess of York, Sarah Ferguson

“I could write a whole book on this amazing lady, on her essence and on her extraordinary ability to transform lives. As you climb your mountain following Kate’s path, you will empower yourself to health and wellness and all that lies within you.”


Presented By

Kate Reardon

  • Co-founder of Natural Instinct Healing health retreat centre in Bali
  • Author of “The Essential Cleanse”
  • Host of the Podcast “Date with Kate
  • Qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher
  • Intuitive Metaphysical Healer
Kate has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life guiding them into state of health, happiness and freedom.  Her renowned ability to support transformation of the mind, body and spiritual health of so many has seen her work been shared globally across a wide audience.
Kate Book Launch

As women we often put ourselves last. We fall into unhealthy habits of neglecting our bod​y’s, ​ignoring ​the inner whisperings of our hearts truest desires​ and not prioritising our divine ​soul ​​connections.

Over time this inevitably leaves us feeling flat, disconnected, unhealthy, tired, overweight, lacking joy, frustrated and dull (just to mention a few) as we attempt to keep up with all the different hats we wear, the different roles we juggle.

There is a big movement in women across the globe right now.  Can you feel it?

​And right now the world needs women who are blazing…


B​lazing with ​energy that is alive

Blazing with ​a ​passion ​inside their ​bones

Blazing with hope, faith and trust in their eyes

Blazing with a life force to change and heal the world.

(Get in quick, venue capacity is limited to 40 and these events will sell out)

It is time for a new way of being.  It is time to say ‘yes’ to you in all your magnificent glory.  It is time to reclaim your inner spirit so you can shine so brightly and encourage others to do the same.

It starts with you. NOW! ​S​o I invite you to this one day ​activated immersion where we will dive in deep​. ​Women only​.

A message from Kate…

“Now is your time.  No more excuses, no more playing small, no more wallowing, no more believing you are not good enough.  Lay down these old wounds & beliefs that do not serve you once and for all dearest sister and choose love.  Choose you.  Choose passion.  And choose to re-ignite t​hat fire that burns deep within your soul.  I am so ready to welcome you into the space.  Are you ready to show up?


We’ll be diving deep into…

Explorative Yoga

Women’s Health

Releasing Ritual

Female Archetypes
Sound Healing
Lunar Cycles

This immersive day is for committed women who want to : 

(re)learn what it means to reclaim yourself

Navigate the roadblocks that stop us from loving ourselves

Work with the subtle energies of the body & interpret the wisdom within

Activate energy systems within our tissues for life force to flow

Create nourishing & nurturing womens practices to restore, heal & balance

Learn the lost art of rituals of honouring the self

Explore the sacred feminine and your own inner power

Connect. Restore. Heal.

Soulful Immersive Venue

Industry Leading Facilitators

Healthy High Vibe Food

Participative Immersion

This is not another health expo, summit or workshop. It is a participative immersion led by industry leaders. Whilst we are here to educate and inform, the aim is not to overload and overwhelm – rather to empower you to integrate and embody all you learn and need to be thriving in your body, mind and spirit.

Soul Space

1 Day. For Women. To make a change. The count down is on.








 Event facilitators profiles

Kate Reardon

Kate Reardon is a qualified practitioner of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine, an author and speaker, an Intuitive Metaphysical Healer and yoga teacher. Kate has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life guiding them into state of health, happiness​ and freedom.  Her renowned ability to support transformation of the mind, body and spiritual health of so many has seen her work been shared globally across a wide audience.  She is the co-founder of Natural Instinct Healing health retreats in Bali, Author of The Essential Cleanse and Host of the podcast Date with Kate.

Pat Reardon

The Co-Founder and driving force of the Natural Instinct Healing group.  Years in the industry has seen him guide and support clients through immersive experiences whilst provide tools and resources people need to make positive lifestyle choices. Natural Instinct Healing is an internationally acclaimed private Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre, and a growing community of amazing humans committed to living their full potential. Pat’s strong leadership of the NIH team and his personal desire to truly impact the world in a positive way has led to NIH’s latest endeavour, The Health and Healing Hub; a unique holistic health platform designed to guide and support members through the defined core pillars of health and happiness, and thus into their potential.

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