If someone was to ask you, “What do you do?” How do you respond?

Do you respond by saying what you do for work? What you do in your spare time, what you do to fill your cup up? Our default response, for majority of the population, would be describing our job title.

But what if we took our careers and our jobs out of the picture? Who are we without the attachment of what we do? Do we even know ourselves underneath our job description?

I started to ask this question a lot when I first moved to Bali. I had a job which I literally couldn’t put into words. I was finding my feet, I was finding where I belonged and for the first time in my life I was surrendering into the process. I wasn’t trying to put myself in a box, I was going with the flow of what life was offering me. Without any force, any steering or directing.

Throughout my early twenties I struggled with the uncertainty of what I wanted to be or which path I wanted to pursue. I didn’t know, I had no idea and I was ashamed and felt like I had already failed by not knowing which direction I wanted to take. I look back now and laugh at the stress that caused me! I was so young, I had no life experience, of course I didn’t know, and that was totally ok. If you’re fifty years old and you still don’t know, that’s ok too!  

For some reason, society makes us think we have a deadline. We put so much pressure on ourselves to ‘succeed’, to do better, be more, get a ‘real’ job. What is real? Who defines what a ‘real’ job is anyway? And who says this ‘real’ job will make you happier? Society holds a tight grip on our own validation, we often value our success on how busy we are. It carves the belief system into our cells saying if you get the job title, wife/husband, house, kids, XYZ.. then you will be happy… will you really be happy though? If that’s not what you truly want underneath all your conditioning. Will you be happy?

“Society holds a tight grip on our own validation, we often value our success on how busy we are”

We, as beautifully crafted human beings, are so incredibly complex and so different from one another. Not one of us is the same, we are all uniquely ourselves. So why do we try to put ourselves into boxes? 

The amount of clients that come to me and have the ‘picture perfect’ life on paper but are miserable underneath, is disturbing and heartbreaking. They say, “I did everything right, I did what I was supposed to do, why do I feel like this?” They feel lost and have no idea why. They have so much success but feel like a failure. They’ve been watering the leaves their whole life, but never the soil. 

What if we started to discover who we are behind the job, behind the external stimulus. What if we were taught to understand ourselves better. What if we were given permission to explore ourselves on a level deeper than the skin and bone, deeper than the organs. What does our heart yearn for? What do we value most in life? What if we were taught to process our emotions instead of running away from them. What if we were taught to look outside the norm, communicate clearly, openingly and honestly. What if we were taught to honour each and everyone in their own unique process?

When you are stripped bare underneath all your masks, under all your layers, all your conditioning, it’s here where the most powerful, authentic creation lies. And you deserve to walk your own path. Whatever that looks like for you. There is no wrong or right here. You are the most influential person in your life and your soul wants to be discovered. 

So… do yourself a favour and ask yourself the question, ”who am I behind my job description?”. 

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