Known as “the King of Fruits” in Southeast Asia!

Durian is a custard-like creamy indulgence that you either love or hate, so it seems.  Yes, it has a strong smell when ripe ~ some say similar to stinky feet… I say similar to sweet vanilla pudding with a smokey essence.  However, if you can get passed the spiked skin and strong whiff, you are truly in for a pleasing experience.

Generally when they are ripe the smell is very strong at the bottom of the fruit ~ careful not to spike your nose!  Also ask the vendor to at least cut your durian for easy access to the yellowish creamy pods inside.  You may even ask them to take the pods out completely and leave the heavy skin behind if you are eating it right away.  Within the creamy pod is a giant seed that can also be eaten when cooked and is said to taste like almonds.

Healthy Facts

Durian is rich in vitamins, minerals and high in cholesterol-free monosaturated fats which we burn as energy.  As you would expect for a fruit it is also a good source of dietary fiber, which encourages proper bowel function.  Potassium is an important electrolyte needed on a cellular level for optimal health.  We release this mineral through the skin when we sweat while in a tropical paradise and yes “the King” has it in high amounts.  The essential amino acid tryptophan is also in high amounts; these neuro-chemicals have an important role in sleep induction and create feelings of euphoria.

Don’t take anyone elses word for it, try it for yourself and you choose the side of the fence that is your truth.

Do you enjoy this “King”? in what way?

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