Pat Reardon

Bachelor of International Business

Expertise + Services
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Combining his love for all things Español, and a proven flair for business and entrepreneurism, Pat completed a degree in International Business after returning from overseas travels throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Central & South America.

A professional career in sales and management for the following five years ensured an acquisition of valuable skills and experiences within the corporate environment from which so many of Natural Instinct Healing’s clients work within. He enjoys managing people and businesses to achieve their goals, and is a driving force behind NIH’s business objectives for the future.

Pat’s eclectic traversing between different countries, cultures, languages and industries has shaped his life. Managing the business and coordinating programs, Pat is also hands on with our clients; understanding their work-lifestyle balance aspirations and committed to empowering people to utilise effective tools to keep on track.

Q & A

Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by anyone who has an idea, thinks it may work, and then goes about making it happen. I’m also a sucker for a “comeback” – so the likes of the surfer Mark “Occy” Occhilupo’s life story inspires me…
What motivates you?
Surfing, nature, and accomplishing goals.
Name 3 foods you could never live without?
Mangoes, Eggs, Lamb.
What is your personal motto/mantra?
I really don’t have one motto per-say. I’m changing daily and so too does my outlook on life. But I guess when I find myself yabbering away to myself it is generally something like “this moment will never happen again, so soak it all up”.
Describe your co-workers in 3 words.
Mystical, Evolving, and Receptive.
What do you love most about your job?
The fact that every time I describe what I do for a job to someone, I end up laughing!
What’s your #1 health tip?
Stay active. And try to spend time in the ocean!

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