Your Space Episode 33: Dharma

For us to deeply connect to our own inner wisdom and follow the right path for our soul as we walk this earth we need to make sure that the channels are open for us to hear and access our own intuition voice. Connecting with the ‘wise part’ of yourself...

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Recognizing Unhealthy Patterns and Changing Them

How to Deal with the Pain and Unhealthy Patterns of Your Childhood to Facilitate Your Own Emotional Evolution   We all have a backstory. Even those among us with fairly positive and uneventful childhoods have experienced something that has stuck in our...

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Your Space Episode 32: Truth

Quite often in life we follow a path that may feel as though it is somewhat planned out for us. We can easily fall into the way of following what we ‘should do’ or what we think is “the right thing” or what other people tell us to do. If we do not ask...

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