When did you last stop and take 10 minutes to breathe and listen to what is really going inside of you? We’re so busy being busy that it’s sickening. Do yourself a huge favour right now and… STOP. Whatever it is you are doing… STOP. Give yourself permission right now to take 10 minutes out of your day so you can feel calm and connected with yourself.

Now… Take a deep breath in and let it out with a big heavy sigh. Repeat this 3 times.

You are beautiful. You are enough. You deserve love and happiness.

You may want to repeat those words several times if you haven’t reminded yourself of this today.

This is an excellent time to sit, reflect and journal. Big high five to those who have a journal in front of them right now!

I want you to take a deep breath in and ask yourself these questions…

  • How am I feeling right now? How am I feeling inside my beautiful body?
  • What’s going on inside my beautiful mind?
  • What’s happening inside my beautiful heart?

This time is for you to really look at what emotions, feelings or beliefs you are holding onto that you no longer need anymore. If you are still holding on to an emotional event that occurred days, weeks, months, or 10 years ago than you have the naturopathic “doctor-orders” from me to let go of this right now! Why? Because every negative or self-limiting thought that you are telling yourself right now is effecting your whole biochemistry. Our thoughts affect our DNA and our cellular functioning.

If we look at Emotions they are Energy in motion = emotion. And it is a result of something we’ve experienced.

  • Your thoughts create what happens to you.
  • Thoughts help us to create the reality we experience.
  • Our thoughts become our emotions. An emotion is just energy in motion.
  • This is the result of something we experience.
  • Our thoughts turn into feelings- which turn into actions- then finally results.


In every interaction with another person- we stay in our power or we give our power away.

So if someone has made you feel angry than you have given your power away, because nobody can make you feel anything unless you have given it away.

You are the only person who can control how you are feeling. You are the only person who can control how you react. When you are able to take 100% responsibility for your emotions and reactions, then you are able to begin working on your core beliefs around self-love and self-worth.

When your self-worth is one of complete love and is 100% full all the time, (you have to keep filling that love-tank up every day) you no longer get ‘triggered’ by others and you can let things go easily. When you believe in yourself you are able to stand in your power and know in every situation and interaction, what is the truth and authenticity for you.

Here is an example of how our emotions are related to our beliefs about ourselves.

You are suddenly feeling a strong emotion, such as anger towards someone because they said something that ‘triggered’ you. Our triggers are our wounds. Often it can be a word or an accusation that our mind links back to an old trauma or wound we are still holding onto. The moment you are feeling this anger arise- you can choose to either give your power away or you can stay in your power by not attaching to that emotion of anger. Now you have given your power away in this conversation the moment you attach to that emotion of anger. The power relates to a deeper belief you hold about yourself. The loss of power is directly related to your beliefs around your self-worth. How you value yourself. The respect you hold for yourself.

Other emotions may also arise such as, frustration, resentment, shame or guilt.

When you become emotional you’ve given your power away and attached to the emotion. Perhaps you are getting angry because you believe this person “doesn’t get me” or “they don’t believe in me” or “they always have a go at me” or “they don’t understand me”.

If you are willing to look at those statements and beliefs a little deeper you will reveal the real truth, reflected- It is you that doesn’t believe in yourself. It is you that doesn’t accept yourself. It is you that doesn’t understand yourself. It is all one big giant reflection into itself of itself, mirrored and reflected back to you and all of those that surround you. It expands and expands so you become the reality you see. Your friendships reflect the friend you are. Your workplace reflects the values you hold of yourself. Your household reflects the care and love you give to yourself. Can you see how this is happening in your life?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Ghandi

This is why we have to begin healing and changing our inner-dialogue we tell ourselves, so others around us can do the same. When you are 100% responsible for your emotions and feelings then you have the power to choose how you want to feel and how you want to be.


Take your time to be still for a moment and allow yourself to think about someone in your life that you need to forgive. Think about a conversation or event where some emotions were stirred up with this person. Allow the story to unfold so you can feel how the emotions are coming up. Now sit with the emotions and feeling that have come up-

Name these emotions and feelings.

Allow yourself to feel that emotion in your body- what does it feel like- where can you feel it in your body? Now place your hands over your body where you can feel changes. You may have felt that your stomach tightened or your chest stopped contracted or your throat became tighter and narrower and more difficulty swallowing. Maybe your shoulders are tense or your jaw has gone tight. Just noticing the changes in your body.

The key lesson from doing this reflection is to realise that any emotion you are feeling, whether it is anger, frustration, guilt, shame, etc. It can be felt in a particular area in the body, and over time this has the potency to create physical illness and chronic disease. These emotions get stored in our cells, in our organs until they can be processed and released. To heal the whole body requires the removal of self-limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves and this is where we start to create a new cycle for growth, new attitudes, new beliefs and new perspectives for radical self-healing. Do you want to start releasing some of these old unprocessed, negative emotions? Try this powerful exercise below.


Practising Metta (Loving-Kindness)

This is an ancient Buddhist meditation called metta or loving kindness.

Start by sending loving-kindness to a dear friend that you feel genuine love and gratitude towards.

I send loving-kindness to _____________________.

My wish is that she/he experiences only love and happiness in her/his life.

Next, use the same level of heart-expanding loving-kindness toward someone you feel neutral towards.

I send loving-kindness to _____________________.

My wish is that she/he experiences only love and happiness in her/his life.

Now, send this same wish to yourself. Take your time to feel the desire of your wish.

I send loving-kindness to myself.

My wish is that I experience only love and happiness in my life.

Finally, send loving-kindness towards somebody you are needing to forgive. You may have to work through resistance, fear and distaste; keep breathing and allow yourself to open your heart with the same level of gratitude you hold for a dear friend.

I send loving-kindness to _____________________.

My wish is that she/he experiences only love and happiness in her/his life.

Do this practice over and over again. Opening your heart involves breaking old habits and the more you can send loving-kindness to yourself, the more self-acceptance you will move into your DNA.

This whole exercise has been about you identifying emotions that are coming up and understanding that these emotions might be linked to self-limiting beliefs that you have about yourself such as, ‘I don’t believe in myself’ that gets triggered. And these beliefs are what you can change. It doesn’t matter how other people view you, or whether they ‘get’ you, when you completely get yourself your whole world will change and that is the most powerful self-healing tool you will ever be able to give yourself.

We have 60,000 thoughts a day! What if over 50,000 of these thoughts were negative self-talk? Limiting self-beliefs? Forgive yourself with loving-kindness. Work deep on those self-limiting beliefs. Start to rewire these beliefs into positive, powerful self-actualisation beliefs. If you can change your self-limiting beliefs then your thoughts and feelings begin to change. And your whole world changes.

Take your time to work through and process the following questions. With every question, take your time and send yourself loving-kindness. Give yourself loving-kindness for being brave and willing to go deeper into your emotional beliefs about yourself.

  1. When I’m feeling ________, where do I feel that in my body?__________

When I am feeling emotions of Anger, Grief, Sadness, Regret, Guilt or Shame, where do I feel that in my body? – Example; When I am feeling Anger, I feel it in my stomach. I lose my appetite. My stomach tightens, my shoulders contract.


  1. How do I react when someone triggers me? I get angry. I bottle it all inside etc.
  2. What negative self-talk do I tell myself?
  3. What self-limiting beliefs do I have about myself?
  4. Who do I need to forgive in my life? What is stopping me from forgiving this person?

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