It is a sign of self-care when you start to prioritise your health and the food you’re putting into your body. We are biochemically wired so differently from everyone and only your body knows what you need. When you start paying attention to what you need, the way your body is communicating to you, you will start eating in a way that is healing and nourishing. Here are some great tips from Lola Taylor on how she approaches her own self care:

Have a small snack before going out to dinner. You never want to arrive to your next meal starving! It is so important to snack with small healthy options so that you’re blood sugars don’t drop dramatically. If you’re going out to a restaurant for dinner and you arrive starving you are going to overeat. You are going to over order and you are going to rush your meal because you’ve gone into a state of starvation. It’s always harder to digest when you eat like this.

Carry snacks for the hunger attack. Make sure you carry healthy snacks with you all the time. A jar of raw mixed nuts can be kept in your car, in your hand bag, in your desk draw, at your work fridge. Pieces of fruit like banana, apples, and pears are easy to eat. Make bliss balls, muesli bars, popcorn, boxes of sultana’s and mixed fruit with nuts.

Eat Protein at 3pm and ditch the sugar and coffee. When do you get really hungry during the day? Usually people feel it about 3pm and crave a chocolate bar or caffeine binge. This is the time when you need a healthy protein snack. A healthy, high-protein and good-fats snack is ideal for keeping blood sugar levels balanced in the afternoon. Also, if you have a small meal at this time you will eat significantly less at dinner.

Eat Dinner before 6pm– aim to eat dinner early and choose a lighter, easy to digest option like soup, slow-cooked casseroles, fish & salad. This will help you to sleep better and allow your body to go through deep restoration & repair. You may want to try ‘intermittent fasting’ which has been proven to reduce disease and prolong life- fast overnight for at least 12 hours.

How can you improve your diet & lifestyle?

  • What can I incorporate into my daily dietary habits that will benefit me?
  • What meal am I letting myself down? Do I skip breakfast, only eat salad at lunch or eat late for dinner? And what options can I have instead?
  • How do I sabotage my healthy eating habits? And how can I provide a solution for this?
  • Is snacking going to be better for me or is 3 main meals a better choice?
  • Can you make a list of 7 different breakfast options, 7 different lunch options & 7 different dinner options? Variety is key for your body to obtain a broad range of nutrients & vitamins. And to keep you & your tastebuds happy & excited for each nourishing meal.
  • Should I give up coffee? What other ‘caffeine-free’ alternatives can I try instead?
  • What do I need to purchase to help me with food preparation? This is a lifestyle change so consider investing in Cook books, good quality blender, juicer, food hydrator or spiralizer.
  • What day of the week will I prepare food, shop for organic produce, make bliss balls and other snacks?
  • Can I order produce online and have delivered to my door?
  • Where are my weekend Farmers Markets?
  • How can I stay motivated? Are there any groups in your town offering yoga, meditation or Talks on health & mindfulness? If not, what online communities can you join?
Lola Taylor

Lola Taylor

Naturopath & Retreat Host

Lola is a qualified Naturopath with a passion for motivating people into making healthy life choices with persistent enthusiasm! In her down time Lola is usually releasing her creativity through cooking, painting and song writing, or trying a new yoga or meditation class. You’ll find Lola talking to guests about her love of food as medicine, or you’ll hear her laughing about her latest ‘near-death’ experience whilst learning to ride a motorbike in Ubud!

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