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We love connecting with other people, projects and collective groups that are making a difference to people’s lives and are inspiring others to get out there and spread the word through action. Below is a collection of social entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and projects that we’re giving a thumbs up to and our big stamp of Natural Instinct Healing approval.

Click on the images to link through and peruse their individual websites.

Kinfolk & Co. is the brain and love child of the beautiful Aysha: a long time friend; NIH retreat guest; and often our resident yoga teacher on Australian retreats. It was all born from Aysha’s love of stories shared over a meal, the passing down of traditions and communities brought together by a passion for good food. Contemporary, durable, and functional pieces made with love!
If you’re serious about taking charge of your health, then we have got the perfect tool to keep you on track and inspired. FMTV is an online streaming channel over-flowing with hard-hitting documentaries, inspirational mind & body segments, quick & healthy recipes, yoga classes, exercise routines and more. To put it simply, it’s like Netflix® for health & wellness. Our founder, Kate Reardon is one of the experts inside FMTV.  Take a peak at her interview here.  Best thing of all… you can do a 10 DAY TRIAL of FMTV FOR FREE!
Brisbane Natural Health is a vibrant natural health clinic taking a holistic approach to their client’s health specialising in collaborative care. When your health complaints are complex it can help to have more than one set of eyes on them. Katherine Maslen, founder and CEO is a past guest of NIH and been a long time supporter of NIH and we’ve been fortunate to have many of BNH clients come to our retreats.  We admire the work they are doing at BNH and continue to collaborate together to shake up the health industry in a positive way for everyone.
More Than Me board member – the big hearted and beautiful Erica Duncan joined us in Bali for a fasting detox retreat where she shared the inspiring work that her team are doing in Liberia; “….we get little girls off the street and into school in one of the world’s most dangerous slums – Liberia, West Africa. We work with community leaders to ensure that education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, defines their lives…”.  We loved what they are creating over there with a big vision to support those who truly need it.
We are honoured and excited to introduce to you our neighbours in Bali! “Taman Petanu is a consciously evolving model community that embraces diversity and radiates harmony, respect, innovation, abundance and joy”. The Taman Petanu website is full of inspiring and educational information on sustainability, permaculture, eco principles and a whole lot more!  We have been fortunate to have key members of Taman Petanu come through the retreat year after year and we love learning so about permaculture and sustainable living directly from them

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