Bali “Feel aLIVE” Superfood Cleanse Retreat

Our Feel aLIVE Super Food Cleanse has been carefully formulated to provide your body the right amount of vitamins and minerals to completely sustain it, whilst giving your digestive system a rest. We have incorporated delicious super food and raw liquid meals to alkalise your body, eliminate toxins from your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, reactivate your nutrient status and support the healing and re-oxygenation of your cells. Giving your body the right ‘foods’ and time to heal itself yields fast and quick results that are sustainable because you are treating the cause of the problem and not the symptoms.

Giving your digestive system a rest, cleansing out the liver, kidneys and colon of toxic build up and increasing your nutrient status whilst eating delicious super food smoothies jam packed full of goodness, fresh coconut water, raw alkalizing soups, tasty elixirs, fresh juices, and herbal teas is easy, fun and beneficial. Your gut will thank you, and you’ll learn some fun new tips and tricks to incorporate back in your daily life. Cleaning the inside to glow on the outside, keeping your body in tiptop shape to create and maintain a healthy, nourishing and inspiring lifestyle!

This process is supported by:

1. Colonics and enemas (removal of mucoid plaque and toxins that accumulate in the digestive tract) – Optional
2. Steam baths and saunas (removal of toxic build up via the skin and lymph nodes)
3. Dry skin brushing and massages (supports circulation and lymphatic drainage)
4. Gentle exercise (increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, increase weight loss)

The results:

  • Alkalise your blood
  • Increase energy
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Decrease toxic load
  • Open the eliminatory channels to cleanse the tissues and organs
  • Increase oxygen on a cellular level
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Support enzyme production
different room options: $1,994 – $3,600
Bali 10-night Superfood Cleanse Retreat
Bali 7-night Superfood Cleanse Retreat

“I haven’t been very kind to my body over the years. My time at Natural Instinct Healing I feel I corrected a lot of my wrong doings to my body and has given me some habits to improve my health into the future.”

Patrick Herde | Grazier, Australia

Who would benefit from a Feel aLIVE Super Food Cleanse?

The Feel aLIVE Superfood Cleanse allows cleansing and detoxifying to happen at a slower more gentle rate with toxins and impurities being released with less intensity and therefore fewer symptoms. Enjoy a healthy holiday where we provide and support you with all you need to cleanse and nourish your body, mind, heart and spirit. This is ideal for clients who do not have the time to commit to do a 10 day retreat experience.

Also the Feel aLIVE Super Food Cleanse is a great addition to our fasting detox retreats, giving you the option to allow yourself the time to ease into the retreat pace with a pre-cleanse of super food packed smoothies, fresh juices and nutritious soups. And for both a pre- and post-fast experience, we have created the unique 14 Day Total Transformation package to ease you into a fasting detox, and slowly and gently allow your digestive system to wake up after the fasting experience with easy to digest organic, raw, super foods.

What is included in the program?
  • Pre-cleanse support and information before coming to the retreat
  • Airport transfers and accommodation for the duration of retreat
  • All liquid foods including nourishing broth soups, superfood smoothies, elixirs, and juices.
  • Workshops on a variety of topics including nutritional, eating for health, food as medicine, conscious cleansing, emotional clearing, hormonal balance and weight loss.

“This is the second time back and it was a good as the first! The biggest thing for me was the tools I received during my stay and then being able to implement them into my life which has resulted in an overall 10kg weight loss without even being overweight. It’s a good example of that fresh start you get with the program which leaves you with a much happier, healthy lifestyle. Thanks NIH.”

Jennifer Knight | Contracts Advisor Manager, Australia

Example daily schedule

subject to change

Guests arrive throughout the day, with personal intake consultations starting from Midday onwards. Massages flow into the afternoon to settle guests in the retreat groove and then a group retreat orientation takes place late afternoon where guests connect and retreat hosts deliver all that encompasses the retreat experience ahead.

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

We start the day with a gentle yoga class, and then an education workshop on the digestive system. A guided mediation class in the afternoon slows guests down before we show an informative documentary in the evening. Day two is about slowing the body down and getting familiar with the daily detox process.

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

We typically begin day three with a rice paddy walk, exploring the beautiful neighbouring rice paddies. We then head off to a spa for an amazing few hours of steams, saunas, and hot/cold dipping pools. Return from the spa and straight into another massage. Another blissful day in Ubud!

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

The day starts with another yoga class and then a great Nutrition workshop in the middle of the day. Private sessions usually begin on day four – and for those without private sessions there is plenty of time to wander into town or laze poolside in the afternoon. Another inspirational documentary shown in the evening.

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

One of the program highlights is our sunrise bike tour through the local villages and rice paddies this morning. And it’s 95% downhill 🙂 An early start means guest have the rest of the morning free before we come together for a meditation which leads into the powerful Conscious Cleansing workshop at lunch. Private sessions and massages in the afternoon and some ‘homework’ and reflection from the workshop.

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

Yoga kicks off the day and then we try to keep the day open for guests to enjoy beauty care sessions in town (facials, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, etc.) or to simply enjoy relaxing in the retreat space. A down day for guests to reflect on the process and check in that we are on track with what you set out to achieve.

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

The day usually begins with either a water therapy session in the pool or a light stretching class. And then we head off for an amazing and unique cultural experience – a water purification ceremony with a Balinese High Priestess. Truly an amazing experience and one that aligns perfectly with our program. Arrive back from the ceremony and into a relaxing massage…

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

Another deeper yoga class this morning, as the body increases in flexibility and function from previous classes and the detox experience. Typically another private session with one of our qualified practitioners before the inspiring Raw Food Kitchen Class in the afternoon. Great chance for food Q&A and practical recipe ideas for post-retreat eating! Guest choice of movie in the evening – no popcorn but plenty of thai lounge beds for movie night 🙂

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

Exercise class can is often guest’s choice this morning as retreat hosts feel into the energy levels of the group. Either a ‘mat’ class or out exploring nature again. We head back to the spa for another big session of steam, sauna, pools – and then relaxing afternoon of massages back at the retreat centre.

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

The final yoga class this morning and then guests have an opportunity for additional private sessions with retreat hosts or local practitioners, or often guests choose to visit a nearby health clinic for a ‘high colonic’. The afternoon is spent preparing the body for liver flush drink in the evening. This is the final ‘clean out’ before waking up to breakfast tomorrow!

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

Today is all about celebrating the experience with breaking-fast! We typically break-fast at around 9am giving the group a chance to reflect and share their experience before finishes the program at approx. 10-11am. Late check outs are included provided there is room availability.

Bali Fasting Detox Retreat

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