To cleanse or not to cleanse? That is the Question…

Many different people often ask me if it is really that important to cleanse and detox; and my answer is always the same – “yes, yes and yes”!  Just like you would clean your house, your clothes, wash your hair, and brush your teeth, our internal organs, blood and bodily systems also need to be ‘clean’ in order to work properly.  Our internal ‘pipes’ become clogged up with the stresses of modern day living, unhealthy diets, environmental toxicity and overburdening of chemicals in our system and the ONLY way that they can become open and flowing again is by giving them a good old fashioned clean out. 

Symptoms that often mean your body is telling you that it is ready for a cleanse can include: headaches, poor skin & nails, tiredness and lethargy, poor sleep, irregular bowel function, mental fogginess, slow healing capacity, inflammation, stiffness and muscle tension, anger and frustration – just to name a few. Cleansing therefore is not only important, but also absolutely essential for your overall health and wellbeing – releasing you of toxins and allowing your mind, body and spirit the ability to function at ‘peak performance’.

The cleansing process works by removing some of the ‘stress’ your body is exposed to and allowing it to heal itself with its own innate wisdom and capacity to rejuvenate.  In other words treating your body with love, care and respect and allow it to do what it is so intrinsically designed to do… which is to heal and repair itself! Taking the ‘stress’ off your body’s usual day-to-day functioning means carefully creating an environment conducive to rejuvenation, where your body has the ability to rest, relax and heal.

There are so many layers and different ways to cleanse and detox your system alongside so many supportive therapies that assist in the elimination process of toxicity of the mind, body and spirit.  You need to choose what is suitable for your mind, body, and your current circumstances – ie. Time available, schedule, finances, convalesces, medical history etc. 

Not everyone can jump on a plane to Bali and undertake a fasting program on a whims notice, however we can ‘cleanse’ ourselves on a daily basis to keep our mind and body healthy, strong and vibrant.  We can make the choice and action everyday to treat ourselves with the tender loving care we deserve to achieve complete joy and happiness.  Cleansing therefore becomes an act of self love, self worth and self appreciation.

In simple terms – take care of your body and it will take care of you.

© Kate Reardon

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