The Moments of Matter that led to our retreat centre in Bali….

It’s the new year and I find myself searching for answers to that the questions of ‘where it all began’, in order to get some perspective on where we’re headed! When reflecting I feel it is best defined by exploring some pivotal moments within our lives that led to key action, change, and ultimately to where we are today with our private retreat centre in Ubud, Bali… Whilst I can’t speak for all the team members, as they have all stitched a thread in the retreat centre’s tapestry, I am able to define Kate and my own “Moments of Matter” in the early stages… They’re an eclectic mix of moments, mystique, and madness…


Kate Reardon
Moment: Staring into the eyes of a Shaman and understanding the power, and my path, with Natural Medicine
Location: Sacred Valley, Peru, South America | 2002
Moment: Throwing my hat in the air (yes that cheesy shot!) after five years completing a dual degree Bachelor of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine
Location: Gold Coast, Australia | 2008
Not knowing exactly why (but knowing that there was more to true health and wellness than clinical consultations) but still boarding a flight to Thailand to manage a detox retreat centre.
Location: Brisbane, Australia | 2009
A chance meeting on a remote island in Indonesia, that ultimately led to exploring opportunities to live and work in Bali.
Location: Pulau Machan Islands, Indonesia | 2010
Moment: Picking up our first Bali retreat guests from the airport, with $25 in the bank… but an open heart full of energy and excitement!
Location: Bali, Indonesia | 2010


Pat Reardon
Moment: Sitting around the table sharing stories with travellers of all ages, countries, and cultures whilst backpacking through South America (the inspiration and importance of guests sharing story around our retreat dining table every evening).
Location: Ecuador, South America | 2002
Moment: Sitting atop a cliff and having a meditative experience that above all else confirmed that there must be more to life than the ‘rat race’ living that can often plague Western society.
Location: Mackay, Australia | 2008
Ending a career path of high financial security and opportunities; removing all debt from my life; selling all our possessions; and jumping on a plane to Thailand.
Location: Koh Samui, Thailand | 2009
Mustering wild goats in Western QLD in order to raise some minor capital to fund our first detox retreat offering in Bali.
Location: Cunnamulla, Australia | 2010
Moment: Embodying a deep understanding that our health goes far beyond the physical realms, and that having a support network is critical to each of our individual journeys… shortly after been diagnosed with bowel cancer.
Location: Bali, Indonesia | 2015

Often when reflecting on your personal journey, and the amazing things you’ve no doubt achieved, it is handy to first pin point definitive moments. If we were then to stitch these moments together with a needle and thread, an outsider looking in (or yourself!) can begin to understand your values, your beliefs, and the decisions you’ve made to follow your passion and purpose. It’s a great exercise for the new year! The result? A personal timeline that inevitably speaks volumes of who you are, what you are capable of, and paths of opportunity to follow with curiosity for the year ahead…

As the team at Natural Instinct Healing launch into new and exciting initiatives for the new year we’ll always reflect on each others Moments of Matter and draw on these, and our team’s core values, with the hope of creating these definitive moments for our own retreat clients.


To not find our gifts is to reject the extraordinary design of life.” – Debbie Ford

Pat Reardon

Pat Reardon

Co-Founder & Managing Director

The Co-Founder and driving force of the Natural Instinct Healing group.  Years in the industry has seen him guide and support clients through immersive experiences whilst provide tools and resources people need to make positive lifestyle choices. Natural Instinct Healing is an internationally acclaimed private Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre, and a growing community of amazing humans committed to living their full potential. Pat’s strong leadership of the NIH team and his personal desire to truly impact the world in a positive way has led to NIH’s latest endeavour, The Health and Healing Hub – a unique holistic health platform designed to guide and support members through the defined core pillars of health and happiness, and thus into their potential.

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