Galatea of the Spheres

Salavdor Dali , Galatea of the Spheres


The complexities of life never cease to amaze me.  Watching how we humans operate and behave leads to me believe that we are possibly the most curious, bizarre and complex animals on the planet all drifting around in this ocean of consciousness that we find ourselves.

Whilst there are still many people ‘floating’ around in the physical realm, more and more of us are awakening to the understanding of source energy and tapping into this precious flow to ultimately heal ourselves and create an existence beyond our wildest reckonings.

Quantum physics shows us that we are in direct manipulation of our entire physical reality and co-creators of this reality when we are in the flow and dancing majestically with source energy.   So what is this source energy?  To me; it is multidimensional and infinite in nature; it is the combination of our souls, our minds, our bodies and our connection to each other and everything on every level.  It is the magic in which we create and thus holds everything we need and desire.  It just is.

Acknowledging this source energy and having an understanding of ‘universal’ or ‘spiritual law’ is something that many people are now opening themselves up to and trying to comprehend and implement.  These ‘Universal Laws’ which are now becoming widely communicated through various forms of media are exposing us to ‘the Law of Attraction’ and ‘the Law of Karma’, ‘the Law of Forgiveness’, the Law of Free Will’ amongst many other ideas and truths.  This is fantastic that we are communicating about such laws and wonders but are we really getting it?  And if we get it, are we using it to its fullest potential?

Chatting with a friend the other day we were considering if we do truly understand these laws why then do we find ourselves in patterns where we A – ask for and create something, B – bring it in to our reality, C – upon not really expecting or liking what we receive ask “why is this happening to me” and D – try to our wits end to understand and correct whatever it is that we don’t like.  Even if we ask for it?  I will share with you one scenario that still to this day, makes me laugh.

When I first started my practice fresh out of University in Australia I was extremely motivated to get started and finally after years of study jump in to life as a successful practising Naturopath.  I was studying all I could on ‘Universal Law’ and I was determined to put into practise everything I had learnt to create this dream.  I went gung ho with vision boards, manifestation meditations, affirmations, you name it I was doing it and eventually things started to manifest, my practise was set up and people were coming through the door.  I had so many clients coming that I could not keep up, but still I wanted more and more and without even realising it I was in fact creating a situation in which I really did not want by obeying universal law.  I was literally burnt out within 6 months of practise and could not figure out why.  Then as I was meditating on why the universe was giving me so much and why I could not keep up with it I heard a very distinct male’s voice which said to me loud and clear in quite a sarcastic tone “because you asked for it”.  I burst in to fits of laughter, of course I asked for it.  I wanted to be overflowing and totally immersed in practise with many, many people.  I forgot about work-life balance and having time to myself and time to spend with loved ones.

I learnt 3 very important lessons 1) Ask and ye shall receive and be careful what you wish for! 2) Universal Law and source energy really is a magical realm of manifestation that I can co-create with to bring into fruition all that I desire and more… and 3) Learning to understand the way the universe works is only one part of it.  Learning the way you work as an individual is one of the keys in figuring out this great mystery we call life.

For me Quantum Physics and the universal laws still remain a fascinating topic and I endeavour to continue my attempts in trying to grasp the complexities and mysteries that they present. At times it rings crystal clear to me and simultaneously makes me feel as though I am trapped in a Salvador Dali painting, a complete surreal brain explosion!

What I have learnt though is that tapping into the source energy and working alongside the laws of the universe (literally, energetically, figuratively in every way) you can achieve, create, dream, tap in to and switch on the realisation that paradise or heaven is not something that you will find in your next life or after your next pay check or when you finally meet ‘the one’. It is happening right now, right under your nose and is available to you at any time.  It just is!


In Health, Happiness and Blissful Living,


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