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“We are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat” this quote struck me from my conversation with todays guest Nadine McNeil as we were talking about the current global climate – pandemic, racial protests, war, refugee’s and everything else that we are dealing with currently.

Despite what’s happening in our external environments it is absolutely crucial that we continue to do our own inner work, so that we can become the catalyst for collective change. Or as Nadine puts it “self love is the most radical form of activism right now”.

Nadine McNeil, MA, is a yogini, humanitarian, transformation coach, and storyteller.

Nadine’s career with the United Nations guided her towards yoga nearly 15 years ago as a necessary tool for self-care while serving in volatile areas of conflict. And now as a global yoga teacher and change maker her central message is “Consciousness Rising” – the act of stepping boldly into the fullest expression of self, thereby becoming a catalyst for collective change.

Nadine presents at international conferences such as the BaliSpirit Festival and the Caribbean Yoga Conference, leads corporate workshops at companies and teaches at yoga studios across the globe. She also implements a variety of programs, classes and workshops for underserved populations, with past projects in the United States, Jamaica, Haiti and Africa, contributing, for example, to organizations such as the Africa Yoga Project.

There are so many juicy elements to this conversation, get ready to bask in Nadine’s potent wisdom that comes through.

We dive into;

● Growing up in Jamaica and how those roots have shaped her life

● The essence of being Jamaican that allows Nadine to share her pride and hold herself in a way that shows the world who she is

● How Nadine started working with the UN and what she learnt during her time there for over 15 years

● Exploring the “weight of her blessings’ during her emergency response and logistics in countries whilst working with the UN

● Knowing what our personal drivers are and being aware of them

● How a breakdown and burnout led Nadine to come to Bali and take an inventory of her internal world and what was important to her

● Teaching yoga in the ruble and trauma post Haiti earthquakes. How crucial breath is when we are going through a crisis of any scale.

● The healing potency of meditation and journaling

● How Nadine started incorporating yoga into her life and the changes it brought for her mind, body, soul

● The transition from part time yogi to world class yoga teacher

● Why yoga is “the way to the way”

● Self Love is THE MOST radical act of activism we can do right now

● Why we need to be the voice for the people that cannot use their own

● The self love journey and how we can stay committed to the path of honouring oneself

You can find out more about Nadine and her incredible work;

Nadine McNeil




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An offering my heart to yours to get us through this challenging and uncertain time.

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Love Kate

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