Turbulence. Chaos. Anarchy. These are our times. If you can see beyond the incessant and rhetorical media headlines, you will know we are facing some harrowing societal, global, national, and individual issues. There is not one person on this planet that hasn’t been affected by the collective unrest. You’re no longer just dealing with your own individual stress, you’re dealing with nationwide tension and global trauma. It’s hard to find your centre and sense of peace as the world spins… But with the right tools, support, and intention you can: Shape positive responses. Relieve overwhelm & tension. Stay grounded & connected. 

As a collective, our nervous systems are incredibly and increasingly stimulated. When we live in this fight or flight autonomic nervous system (sympathetic nervous system) we automatically come out of our bodies, we automatically come into fear based thinking and scarcity thoughts. Focusing on the ‘threats’ standing in our way and what seems to be an ‘obstacle’ in our reality. We limit ourselves with our own thoughts and habitual reactions to outside stimuli. When we are in this state of being, we see through tunnel vision, there’s only one way, a linear road. We become disassociated with our bodies and add stories, old belief patterns and heaviness on top of what we’re already experiencing…

Becoming aware of how our mind and body react to the environment around us, increases our potential to stop, take a breath and respond at any given moment. We may not be able to find certainty in the world right now, but we CAN find certainty within ourselves! Using the whole capacity of what we are born with, helps us to process turmoil, grief, pain and helps us to stay grounded in chaotic times. In simpler terms.. If we constantly bring ourselves back into our body, if we continue to listen, learn, heal and become aware of our bodies, we can utilise the potentiality we were born with… to foster more Love, Abundance & Authenticity.

Note to Self...

Becoming aware of how our mind and body react to the environment around us, increases our potential to stop, take a breath and respond at any given moment.

This does NOT mean we won’t feel these sensations of fear, pain and grief. We are HUMAN after all! It means we will increase our capacity to handle what is coming in. We can expand our awareness and use tools to help us cope with what we are experiencing within our own reality…

Some practical tools to help you release overwhelm and fear based thinking… 

  • Meditate. Coming to your sacred space and making a commitment, a vow, an intention to yourself and your body. Every. Single. Day. This can be as little as 5 minutes, it’s the conscious, continual commitment to showing up is the potency within this practice.
  • Nature. Spend more time in it! Nature is abundant, when we spend time in nature we remember we are abundant beings too! 
  • Gratitude. Practising gratitude for what you do have in your life, focusing on the good. If you’re reading this email it should be very easy to see your good fortune!


  • Compassion. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself, take self care and make sure you’re looking after all your well•being – body, mind and spirit.
  • Movement. Stress leaves our body through circulation, so moving your body helps to relieve tension on a cellular level!

Support. Seek out professional help when you need it, someone who can hold your  hand and support you through these times.

Returning to Abundance

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