We are here to serve our clients’ best interests – specifically their health and wellbeing. Natural Instinct Healing have been offering retreats in Bali for over four years, in which time we have seen an explosion of retreat offerings as Ubud has become the epicentre for the best health retreats in Bali. And as we have navigated our own offerings, and the specific results from tweaking and tailoring our programs, we have also kept an eye on what has been happening around us.

One noted trend over the last couple of years has been the steady decline in the length of the retreat offerings. By that we mean it is now not uncommon to see “2 day detox” retreats, or “3 day Super Cleanses”. These can be a great ‘taste tester’ – but at Natural Instinct Healing we are committed to making lasting change in our clients’ lives, and attracting clients who value their health as a high priority.

So moving forward we have decided to go against the grain, and will now be increasing our retreat minimum stays to a 7 night minimum. This will mean that we will be discounting our 5 night program offerings as we focus on our promise of delivering empowering and inspiring detox retreats in Ubud that guide clients into, through, and out of the detox process.

Our retreats can often be the kick start of a lifelong health journey, sometimes a refresher for those already on the path that may have slipped off, but our programs are never the start and finish. Our loyal clients know that to maintain true health and wellness is to commit to the journey, their are no ‘quick fixes’ ~ and we want to be there to support you in every way we can!

If you would like to chat with one of our team about the most suitable retreat plan for you then please take advantage of the current free Health Accelerator calls (valued at US$97)! Click here to schedule a spot, and then click here to fill out the pre-call info form.

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