Fasting has gained more popularity within the west over the years as many health retreats and spas worldwide are incorporating fasting and cleansing programs in to their menus.

This time honored tradition that dates back to the ancient times of Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad and was used to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. Many cultures participate in some form of fasting within their practices and traditions and it still remains highly respected as a healing practice to cleanse your entire being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level worldwide.

There are many myths and skepticism about ‘fasting’ and I constantly get asked by inquisitive individuals questions & comments such as “surely going without food is not good for you?” or “there is no way I can do that, I will be too hungry?” and my personal favorite; “why would I pay someone to torture me by not letting me have food?”.

Oh yes, the context of fasting and people’s reactions never cease to entertain me. In my experience there have been many debates I have witnessed by people that usually fall into two categories, people who have fasted vs. people who have not. The discussion usually ends with “do not knock it until you try it” outcome.

For me personally, the reason I undergo a fast is to clean up my whole self; that is every part of me; mind, body and soul. Just like you would “spring clean” your house, weed your gardens or clean your car, your whole self benefits from “cleansing” and a quick, thorough and intensely gratifying way to do this is by fasting.

So what is fasting?

In a nutshell fasting is a process in which sustaining from food allows your digestive system to have a break so that the rest of your bodily organs and tissues can have some of the energy that is usually required to digest, assimilate and absorb food. This process allows your body’s cells to eliminate all their toxins which in turn; boosts your immune system & metabolism, cleanses the blood, decreases inflammation, and harmonizes all cellular biochemistry.
In other words, it allows the body to self-heal and rejuvenate itself using its own natural processes.

As the toxic load is reduced, the functioning of every cell is enhanced, which makes it a very powerful tool in eliminating disease processes in the body, building up energy, strength and vitality and assisting weight loss. It is like someone switching on the “re-start” button and under the right care and following a specific program, a “re-start” is exactly what you will get from the whole experience not just in your physical body but your overall life experience.

Using specific natural supplements and herbs, the toxins literally get “pulled out” via the bodies elimination pathways – Colon, skin, Kidneys, Liver, lungs etc. By reducing the toxic load in your body you experience amazing side effects such as a boost in energy, sound sleep, clear skin, weight loss, increased motivation and enthusiasm, elevated mood, mental clarity, decrease in pain and inflammation in the body, good bowel habits, reduced cravings etc. The list goes on and on and each individual has their own unique experience to take away with them.

For me personally, the experience reconnects me with my body and I start to form a new loving and trusting relationship with my body once again. So many times we feel let down by our bodies; we complain because of the way they look, behave or deteriorate. Having a healthy relationship with your body not only affects your overall health and lifestyle but it is a thoroughly important preventative tool.

If you love and trust your body and treat it well, it will do the same to you.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

And let me tell you it really is and fasting has taught me this lesson over and over again. By taking food away for a little while you have the time, awareness and space to really listen to your body, paying attention to what it is saying to you. It is talking to you constantly through signs and symptoms which are our body’s innate way of expressing that something needs addressing, out of balance or not flowing.

The fasting process allows the body to freely express itself by cleaning up the cells and creates mind awareness and time allowing you to slow down to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ what your body is telling you.

It is crucial that you are fasting in a safe environment with professionals who can guide you and nurture you through the process especially if you have never done it before. Fasting should not be done on your own unless you are very experienced and feel 100% confident in what you are doing.

It is a journey that has transformational results on your mind, body and spirit and something that I recommend for everyone to try, even just once, but be warned…those amazing side effects you feel after completing a fast can become very addictive!

In health&blissful living,


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