Lean In EP#01 Pat Reardon

In these uncertain times where political, social and economic changes are affecting so many of us on a global scale, it’s no wonder that anxiety levels are high. Just add a pinch of personal unrest into the equation and you end up with a ticking time bomb of emotional turmoil on your hands, ready to explode.

My husband Pat and I have a strong relationship with uncertainty – with his cancer diagnosis four years ago, and my recent motorbike accident, it has been a prominent feature in our household. I’m sure it’s not a stranger in your life either. 

On a recent episode of our Lean In podcast, Pat and I talked about how he navigates this particular space, and he gave some great advice on how we can all get back in alignment with ourselves during the moments that are out of our control. 

Enter Into Complete Surrender

When we’re faced with factors outside of our control – like a drastic change in circumstances, loss of work, or illness— our entire perfect order in life begins to crumble. This is where we can enter into the phase of uncertainty.

When you think about surrendering, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is someone throwing up their hands and just giving up. A quick dictionary search might be able to change that view. The term ‘surrender,’ actually means to ‘cease resistance,’ and herein lies huge potential to find solace in your surrender.

Surrendering means, we relax into the shifting landscape of life and let go of trying to control everything, so we can embrace the world as it is – beautiful and ever-changing.

Pat understands that it may not come naturally to everyone, “It’s a hell of a lot easier to say it than to do it,” he sympathises. “Without letting go, we just put our blinkers on to opportunities that could have evolved around us.”

In just letting go, Pat sees the budding possibility for not only emotional evolution but a personal opportunity as well.

Using Natural Cycles To Invite In and Let Go

We experience nature’s cycles all the time, from the hours ticking by to the changing of the seasons. It’s with this biological clock that you can engage in inviting change into your life, while also letting go of the things that no longer serve you – and the perfect way to do this is through the Luna Cycles.

The New Moon ceremony acts as a beautiful time to become clear, set our intentions, and ask for the things you want to manifest in your life (it’s also a great exercise for kids too!)

It’s the birthing cycle of the moon’s various phases and is when the sun and moon come into alignment.

How To Perform A New Moon Ritual:

  • Centre yourself and cleanse your space
  • Declare your intentions for the month – either verbally or on paper
  • Symbolically send your intentions into the world

The Full Moon Ceremony is the nourishing yet releasing phase and symbolises fruitfulness, completion and removal. This is the time to let go – dust out the thoughts of uncertainty but also reflect and be still.

Get Out Into Nature

The influence of the natural world can be a great healer in times of uncertainty. Not only does it make you feel better emotionally, but it can contribute to your physical wellbeing too. Just heading out into a natural space can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the excess production of stress hormones.

“Whether it’s the ocean, or jungle whatever the case may be, I think that’s where I find my centre again” Pat explains. 

This is why you will often find Pat down on the beach, catching a wave and enjoying the surf. “When I’m off my kilter I just go back to that raw nature.”

If you’re feeling out of balance, planting your feet firmly on the ground, surrounded by the outdoors and natural sources can be a great aid in re-centring your mind, body and soul.\

Allow Yourself Time to Meditate

Feeling stressed, anxious, fearful? Sitting in the space of “what comes next?” can be overwhelming and even emotionally damaging. Incorporating meditation and mindful practices in your life – even if it’s just a few minutes each day – can allow you to draw attention away from these bubbling negative thoughts, and guide you towards greater self-awareness and focus on what matters most.

When we truly let go of anything that keeping us hostage from feeling the centre of ourselves, the true healing occurs – so breathe in and permit yourself to relax.

When it comes to times of uncertainty, we may not always be able to control the outcome, but we can control the way we respond to it. 


If you want to engage in a restorative moment of calm, to unwind, reflect and be nurtured in your moment of uncertainty, join Kate in a guided meditation session at ‘Your Space.’ Click Here

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