Our dreams are the breadcrumbs that help guide us towards a better understanding of our own psyche. They can provide that intuitive inner guidance, pointing us to the things in life that we may need to pay attention to the most. 

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If you are going through a change or challenging period in life, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

In this episode of Lean In, I invited Jeremiah Abrams to share his wisdom and take us through the realm of dream psychology. 

Jerimiah started out in the ‘helping profession,’ during the anger infused times of the Vietnam War. Now, he is a Jungian therapist, author and dream psychologist, working in both San Francisco Bay area and Ubud, Bali.

Jerimiah is considered a world leader in working with the Human Shadow and wrote his critically acclaimed, bestselling book ‘Meeting The Shadow,’ along with other works including, The Shadow in America, and Reclaiming the Inner Child

His audio program, The Dreamtime Journey: The Path of Direct Experience is a pure testament to his abilities in helping people deconstruct and analyse the symbolism presented within their dreams. 

I walk alongside Jeremiah as he takes us on his journey of slumber and visions. He introduces the idea of ‘unpacking the symbology,’ while focusing on exactly where dreams come from and the importance of setting intentions before you sleep.

Jeremiah also shares:

  • Jeremiah’s background – In the shadow of Vietnam 
  • How we can use our dreams to unravel our own psyche
  • Why we all need to pay attention to our dreams more
  • The Dream Thieves – methods of recounting our dreams and making connections
  • Why am I having this dream now? – Exploring symbolism
  • Dreaming and its ability to see around corners 
  • The importance of setting intentions before you sleep 
  • Inner guidance – the positives and negatives
  • The Shadow and what we don’t want to admit about ourselves
  • The baby steps we can all take in our journey from head to heart


Jeremiah Abrams: Facebook

DREAMTIME JOURNEY: The Path Of Direct Experience

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