We all just want to be seen for who we are, so when we don’t quite fit into the ‘normal’ mould, we can end up feeling isolated and like we don’t quite belong, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe you need to accept yourself for who you are.  

Welcome to Lean In. A podcast that explores ordinary people’s extraordinary lives through honest storytelling. My guests share with me their journey of discovery, laughter, personal experiences and healing.

If you are going through a change or challenging period in life, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

In this emotional and spiritual deep dive of an episode, I speak with my personal mentor and extraordinary friend Paula Shaw. Paula is an intuitive healer and psychic, working with all the unseen realms of this world for most of her life. She incorporates her own psychic vision with some of the world’s most ancient healing modalities, through tarot readings and astrology. 

From a very young age, Paula has been receiving psychic energies and information. Over time, she has learned to channel these energies and has dedicated her life to conducting soul guidance readings for others.

As the proud creator of The Luna Project, Paula has guided thousands of people towards a life of proactive ritual through her continuous monthly program which navigates the monthly moon cycles to bring you into a deeper connection to our inner soul wisdom.

Paula doesn’t often tell her story, that’s why this episode is so special. Today she reflects on seeing ghosts as an eight-year-old and struggling to explain her reality. 

We look at her long stint living the gypsy life with the psychic circus while exploring why she was ejected from Sunday school, and how she went from chronic insomnia to just letting go.   

Also in this episode:

  • How Paula discovered her spiritual abilities
  • How a ghostly figure led to acceptance
  • Why reading a Dolly magazine created Paula’s new astrological path 
  • Paula’s Psychic Circus adventure and a surprise life changing gift from her mother
  • Why fear and misunderstanding created acceptance in Paula’s life
  • Why Australian’s out in the bush just want to be seen
  • How asking reality to ‘bring it on’ created monumental regret
  • Don’t try and be a mummy, be a mother
  • The Luna Abundance Program
  • How Paula contends with the client’s deep issues
  • Breaking down the episode – Pat explores acceptance and ritual


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