Over time, our motivations can often burn out or fade. Reigniting that flame should come from a place of deep love and consistent dreaming so it can truly become your reality.

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I recently had the opportunity to speak to Mark Visser. If you’re not familiar with the surfing world, Mark is an Australian professional big wave surfer. He is best known for taking the plunge and becoming the first person to surf Hawaii’s most dangerous wave ‘Jaws,’ at night in 2011. 

This amazing feat made surfing history as he rode 30 to 40-foot waves under the illumination of just starlight and an attached LED light attached to his vest. The event was documented in a film called, ‘Night Rider’ and received multiple awards. 

Since his claim to fame, he’s been dubbed “one of the fittest watermen in the world,” and spends his time coaching many world athletes, professional sporting teams and elite military groups across the globe.

Mark is also an author, keynote speaker and ocean adventurer, and in 2017 released his book ‘The Big Wave Method’ 

In this episode of Lean In, we go deep into Mark’s colossal physical achievements and bring to the surface what his motivations were to take on the world’s biggest waves. Together we uncover Mark’s persistent inner ego, and the newfound intuition that guides his decision making.

Also in this episode:

  • How a peach and a sheep’s trough kindled a deeply rooted fear 
  • Remembering Mark’s first wave
  • Why a knee injury changed Mark’s athletic trajectory
  • The freedom of the waves
  • How Mark became a globetrotting surfer
  • What catching the biggest waves truly feels like
  • Why opportunity knocks when you least expect it
  • Why Mark felt like he had something to prove
  • How Mark ended up on a spiritual journey
  • Sharing his wisdom and leaving a legacy


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The Big Wave Method: 8 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear and Achieving Your Ultimate Dream 

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