Our increasingly busy and frantic lives can reach a tipping point where we become overwhelmed and lost.  Nature is one of the greatest healers we have, so creating space to retreat and reconnect within its healing hands may be the medicine you need.  

Welcome to Lean In. A podcast that explores ordinary people’s extraordinary lives through honest storytelling. My guests share with me their journey of discovery, laughter, personal experiences and healing.

If you are going through a change or challenging period in life, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

In this episode of Lean In, I am beaming with joy at having this exciting opportunity to explore how one woman’s inner turmoil led to her slipping on the walking boots and venturing out on an epic journey of healing and self-discovery. 

Terra Roams is the wilderness adventurer, speaker, mentor and storyteller, who walked her way into the record books, becoming the first woman ever to trek the 17,000-kilometre journey around Australia, totally alone and unsupported. 

Terra is a self-proclaimed ‘outdoorsy person,’ and if you look hard enough you can now usually find her on an adventure either bushwalking, sailing, kayaking, diving with great white sharks, snorkelling with turtles and whales or even backcountry skiing. 

She has spent most of her life volunteering in Australia and overseas, dedicating her time to mental health charities, animal rescue, wildlife conservation, social justice issues and even firefighting.

Today, Terra opens up about her four-year escapade, and how it was driven by the desire to experience solitude in nature after a life-long struggle with suicide, PTSD and mental illness. We talk about fully opening your senses to the landscape and using that to practise mindfulness in a world that seems to treasure business.  

Also within this conversation

  • How ants can give you the weather forecast
  • Why teenagers need natures medicine 
  • Terra’s lifelong battles with depression and PTSD
  • How a childhood book inspired  Terra’s 17,000km trek
  • How a well-meaning charity walk turned into death threats and violence
  • The surprising acts of human kindness
  • Walkie-Talkies, truckers and the need for anonymous connections
  • Terra’s new-found relationship with her body
  • How walking and meditation go hand in hand
  • Why the end of her trek was the hardest part


Terra Roams: Website

Terra Roams: Facebook

Terra Roams: Instagram

Robyn Davidson: Tracks: A Woman’s Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback 


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