Life can certainly feel like a rollercoaster sometimes, with its many ups and downs, twists and turns. To transition through these times we need to understand that we are in control of how we respond to these situations. Sometimes it’s just down to a healthy dose of determination.

Welcome to Lean In. A podcast that explores ordinary people’s extraordinary lives through honest storytelling. My guests share with me their journey of discovery, laughter, personal experiences and healing.

If you are going through a change or challenging period in life, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

In this episode, I had the privilege of speaking with a dear friend of mine, Mukti. Mukti is a force of nature and an inspirational power in this life. She is best known as the founder of Australian eco-luxe beauty brand, Mukti Organics, but she’s also an Eco-activist, author and green cosmetic chemistry pioneer.

Mukti has been a familiar face in the beauty and personal care industry for almost 20 years, and ustilises her background in complementary medicine, to create internationally-acclaimed and award-winning products that combine functional, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients. Mukti definitly stands by her convictions unlike anyone else I know, and fully embraces a toxin free and organic lifestyle. 

As a celebrated author, her book ‘Truth in Beauty’ is the go-to guide that helps people make the switch to clean beauty and a healthier lifestyle without compromising on results.

This conversation is like a breath of fresh air as we take an inside look into Mukti’s extraordinary life. Honesty, strength and realness oozes out of her, as she takes us back to her wild childhood where Mother Nature was her true sanctuary.  We discuss how stress affects our body, inside and out, and how Mukti makes sure she gets a healthy dose of sleep.  

We also chat about:

  • Mukti’s chaotic childhood and the power of nature
  • Using determination to create a successful brand
  • Our relationship with stress and how to take better care of yourself
  • Why sleep is vitally important
  • How to get healthier on a cellular level
  • The environmental issues we face today
  • The constant evolution of her business 
  • Mukti’s determination to educate
  • The sometimes uncomfortable transition of ageing
  • Social media and the staged life that isn’t honest



Mukti Organics : Website

Mukti Organics: Facebook

Truth In Beauty: Book

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