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I am always so deeply inspired by people who use their skills, talents and voice to serve the greater good. Someone who embodies this deeply is Sara Agah Franti. As an emergency room nurse, Sara Agah Franti, has witnessed patients in their most vulnerable moments. She has seen the demands that terminal illness asks of family members and close friends and has pledged her life to taking care of people when they are in times of greatest medical need. Sara says, “In my work and in my own family I’ve seen firsthand the toll that living with life-threatening medical conditions takes on both patients and their loved ones. I’ve also seen how families rally together and grow stronger in these times”.

Sara has traveled and has done relief nursing work all over the world, including Haiti, Philippines and Indonesia. Sara is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Her passion has driven her to pursue her Masters in Public Health, which she hopes to use as a platform to concentrate on health promotion and policy change.

Alongside her husband, Musician Michael Franti, Sara co-founded the “Do it for the love” foundation

Her work, life, and play are influenced by her mantra “Be your best. Serve the greater good. Rock out wherever you are.”

In this episode we talk about Sara’s beliefs, work, cultural background and why she feels it’s so important to always serve the greater good.

We dive into;

  • Sara’s family background in Iran and how they moved to Canada (where she was born and raised)
  • Her first trip to Iran with her Mum when she was 15 and the ways that impacted her
  • Why she got into nursing and the jobs and places she has worked as a nurse
  • Meeting her husband Michael Franti and their ongoing journey of love and devotion
  • How important it is for women to use our voices and express our ideas and thoughts with the world
  • Traveling the world with her rockstar husband and baby Taj and the implications that moving around has on a young family
  • Her passionate work for her foundation “Do it for the Love” and how that started and continues to grow
  • The juggle of life as a working mama
  • Self care and what that looks like
  • How Motherhood started off not as she expected it would
  • The ups, downs, in and out parts that motherhood is and what it takes to show up to that
  • Leadership in this day and age and what are the responsibilities now
  • What it means to be an “influencer” and how you can channel all the energy on social media to make a massive impact
  • How important it is to stay connected to your truth and find your voice continually throughout your journey

You can find out more about Sara and her incredible work;




Soulshine in Bali


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