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If you are going through a change or challenging period in life, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

Quite often in life we follow a path that may feel as though it is somewhat planned out for us. We can easily fall into the way of following what we ‘should do’ or what we think is “the right thing” or what other people tell us to do. If we do not ask ourselves what it is we truly want out of life we may end up on a path that might not be entirely true for our soul.

Our life’s choices and decisions may not bring us experiences that bring out the best in ourselves and the authentic expression of who we are.

Many of us do not even realise we are not fully living in our truth until a specific moment will hit us in various different ways. This “wake up” is always an invitation for us to dig a little deeper, to ask ourselves different questions and to determine the basic truth; “Am I happy?”.

One vibrant, soul-stirring, colorful and passionate lady who has walked the path of truly tapping into her soul, listening to it’s whispers and following her own rhythm in life is the unforgettable Chocolako.

First generation American born and raised with a strong Nigerian heritage & ancestry,

Chocolako has been on the journey of discovering not only who she is and what she is here to do in this life but most importantly what are the things that “bring her alive ”.

From her professional career in public health to becoming a world renowned yoga teacher,

Chocolako travels the world and is committed to working with forward thinking creatives and professionals who are open to embrace continuous awakenings, outperform limiting stories and reach more expansive versions of themselves. Her focus is to support, uplift and uplevel curious souls to remember their unique pathway. “… you’ll feel her before you see her” is one way of describing an encounter with Chocolako. She’s full of love with a notable infectious smile that calls forth her ancestors. Her soul stirring reminders weave effortlessly and leave an indelible imprint that is truly delightful to experience. In this episode we get to tap deeply into her wisdom, history and magic.

We dive into;

● Chocolako’s parents arranged marriage in Nigeria

● Growing up as a first generation American with Nigerian Ancestry

● Trying to ‘fit in’ and integrate to American culture whilst honoring her roots

● How we pick up imprints as children

● How we try to please and impress our parents as children and how that carries on into adulthood

● Following the path that our parents desire for us and how that can play out if it is not aligned with our own personal truth.

● How Chocolako started her career in Public Health

● Why customizing your own path brings freedom for your soul to express itself

● What living in Africa as an “expatriate” was like

● The yoga movement in Nigeria and how it started to open and expand rapidly

● What it really means “follow your heart” and jump into something headfirst.

● Why studying yoga is something that cracks you open on all levels of your being

● Why it is crucial to understand all aspects of ourselves on our healing journey

● How can we nourish ourselves to support our spiritual path of awakening

● Why it is so important to always try new things

● Why we must continuously dance outside the rules we place on ourselves to truly understand who we are

● Why creating keeps us connected to a-live-ness

● What it means to be an active participant in your own life.

● Presence is our key to having a fully embodied and exciting life.

● Why we need to trust our own growth process

● Way it is so healing to “find your tribe and love then hard”

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