Welcome to Lean In, a podcast that explores ordinary people’s extraordinary lives through honest storytelling. My guests share with me their journey of discovery, laughter, personal experiences and healing.

If you are going through a change or challenging period in life, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

How do you follow a path that you know is true to your own unique essence and spirit?

And furthermore, how do we even connect in with those deeper purposes of our being?

In my own personal experience I have learned to utilise the different practices and experiences that open up these parts of myself, to gain access to that inner wisdom.

This looks different for all of us.

It could look like meditation, yoga, surfing, gardening, spending time in nature, writing, breathwork, ice baths, dancing, knitting…the list goes on.

Anything that connects you to your creativity, your joy, and takes you out of the monkey mind and constant thought processes running incessantly throughout your head all day and connects you to your inner knowing and deep wisdom.

In today’s episode I chat with Yoga teacher, Meditation teacher, nutritionist and intuitive healer Alex Vannucci about what it means to find and follow our dharma.

Alex holds a deep interest in the biomechanics of the body and the interplay of energy. While studying Nutritional therapy, Alex felt a calling to India where she spent some time studying yoga and meditation under the guidance of Yogarishi Vishvaketu at Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh. This reflective period developed Alex’s need to adopt holistic yoga and nutrition into her life and choose it as a career.

Since then, Alex’s thirst for knowledge about the human body led her to study multiple styles of yoga, mediation, pilates and bodywork as well as completing her bachelor’s degree in nutritional medicine. This lady has followed many traditional lineages and explored the roots of many spiritual practices. The challenge for her was then to integrate the teachings back into a western world and also utilise these to help support people on their own path of healing and transformation.

We dive into;

● Alex’s curiosity into the exploration of yoga at a very early age

● Growing up feeling ‘different’ and turning that uniqueness into her life’s path

● How yoga as a teenager helped to eradicate Alex’s OCD, anxiety and alopecia

● How the body is always guiding us on our spiritual path

● The study of Eastern philosophy and practices to deal with our busy lives in a western culture

● Fusing both Eastern and Western culture into our day to day lives

● Why running away to India was the best decision Alex could have made after finishing school

● Yoga and it’s benefits both on and off the mat

● Why it is important that we all have a devotional practice of some kind

● Why these ancient meditation lineages hold so much healing for us in our modern lives

● How we can meditate and tips to get started

● Some different types of meditation lineages available and how we can find what works individually for us

● Why nutrition is absolutely crucial on the yogic path

● The importance of understanding our own individual nutritional needs

● What “whole” healing means

● How do we connect with our own intuition

● What do we need to start on a healing journey

● Why daily dedication and devotion and discipline is absolutely crucial in any health protocol

● Why we need to trust our own growth process

● How can we develop our own meditation practice and start today.

You can find out more about Alex Vannucci here;



And…. Alex has just launched a 21 day applied meditation course for those who are yearning to find calm, create clarity, and navigate change within their lives.

This online course is a 21 day journey for you to explore and develop a self led meditation practice which will both deepen and transform your understanding of meditation and introduce a range of embodiment practices that will both nurture your growth and support you in your day to day life.

Each week is divided and explores a new meditation topic with guided meditations, movement and breath practices as well as written resources to support you along the way.

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An offering my heart to yours to get us through this challenging and uncertain time.

Stay safe friends,

Love Kate

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