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If you are going through a change or challenging period in life, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

When we arrive in this world as children our early years are shaped for us. And yet occasionally certain traits of our individual personalities buck the status quo and reveal deep parts of what our soul is here to do in this lifetime.

Activism and the desire to bring about political or social change is usually the response of what we or our ancestors have experienced.

And yet sometimes, it can be born in the minds and hearts of children who just want to make this world safe and free for every person.

Activism comes in many forms and now more than ever as our social structures change and dismantle, social media rises and popular content being created across multimedia platforms is increasing day by day, we have more access to the truth of what is happening within different cultures and communities all across the world my many different voices.

In today’s episode I chat with Bex Tyrer. Scotland born and raised, and Oxford educated with a graduate degree, MPhil in Development studies, Bex Tyrer has been Asia-based for the past thirteen years, where she has fused her passion for Yoga and yoga activism.

Bex’s activism began at a very early age when she started campaigning for environmental issues at the ripe age of 8. After studying at Oxford Bex rode a bike from London to Palestine to spread messages and awareness across Europe of what was happening in Palestine.

Whilst living and working in various communities across the globe that were experiencing intense suffering, injustice, trauma and violence like Nepal, India and Palestine, Bex traversed many aspects of her own inner healing including suffering and healing from anorexia and bulimia.

Yoga was her constant companion throughout her journey and she naturally ended up teaching. Bex has now had the opportunity to teach thousands of practitioners from all over the world, and to share her experience with literally hundreds of teacher trainees.

Bex uses her platform to explore some of the critical issues of contemporary yoga (including issues of inclusivity, gender and the dangers of commodification) whilst working to ensure that postural yoga is supportive of women’s health as well as social and environmental justice.

Her highly recommended training’s and immersions explore topics such as social justice and activism, body image, trauma informed care, the inner yoga of Menstrual Cycle Awareness, the history of yoga and yoga philosophy for the modern world.

In this episode we dive in to;

● Bex early life in Scotland and how her ancestral roots show up in her life now

● How spending time in nature throughout early childhood shapes the way we grow, think and respond to life

● How that strong connection to nature ended up with Bex campaigning for the environment at the age of 8

● Why it is so important to look at our own personal responsibilities and acknowledge the roles we play throughout our own cultures and backgrounds

● How life at Oxford university studying development studies led to Bex joining a Palestine Solidarity campaign group

● Cycling from London to Palestine to spread messages and awareness across Europe of what was happening in Palestine

● Living amongst the trauma, violence and injustices of Palestine

● Suffering from anorexia and bulimia

● If you are not properly nourishing yourself in high pressure jobs and traumatic experiences it will eventually lead to burnout on some level

● The helplessness feeling that often comes in the territory of social work, activism, journalism

● The turning point that made Bex want to truly heal from her eating disorders

● The role yoga played in her recovery

● How working on the streets of Kolkata in the depths of extreme poverty impacted Bex

● Bringing yoga and activism together in service

● How movement and yoga led to the intrinsic feeling of freedom for Bex

● How yoga can be a invitation to truly change us from the inside out

● Why we all need to trust our own growth process.

You can find out more about Bex Tyrer (including all her immersions and trainings) here; Website Instagram And….

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Love Kate

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