Welcome to Lean In, a podcast that explores ordinary people’s extraordinary lives through honest storytelling. My guests share with me their journey of discovery, laughter, personal experiences and healing.

If you are going through a change or challenging period in life or just want a deeper level conversation, Lean In is the space where we can surrender to the cycle together.

Acceptance is something we will all have to experience at some point within our own lives. On the healing journey it is an absolute allay that provides so much space and expansion for our minds and souls.

Acceptance of self, acceptance of what has happened to us, acceptance of the present circumstances. The healing journey is not always an easy to go through process. Quite often we can feel like we are dredging through the dark hallways of pain, loneliness and despair without a light in sight. It can be hard, really, really hard! And that is exactly what I talk with my guest, Clare Boyd, about today.

Clare Boyd is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive healer, somatic stress response body work facilitator, kinesiology student. Through the energetic pathways and movement of the body Clare has found a way to dive deeper within herself; and her clients.

She believes that to make this world a better place and live from a more empowered state, you must first take care of yourself and embody all parts of you. And in this episode she shares her unique and intimate experience with trauma and long term illness.

In this episode we dive into;

● Growing up in Australia and the impact nature (ocean) has on mental health

● Being a shy kid and how we take on other people’s perceptions of our own personalities

● A tragic accident that left Clare with a severely fractured skull, broken bones and deformed face

● The miracle of healing that occurred within her body

● How we process trauma in different ways, on different timelines according to our own body’s innate intelligence

● The nature of stored trauma experiences when they get “stored” inside our bodies

● How healing is an ongoing multi layered process

● Clares experience with chronic illness and the impact it had on her mental health

● Navigating the “in between” stages of healing and how it can feel like nothing is getting better

● Why it is ok not to be ok

● How self acceptance is a fundamental aspect of getting better

● What recovery looks like and how do we know if things are working?

● Why it is so important to feel what needs to be expressed through us in exchange for healing.

You can find out more about Clare and work with her here;

Natural Instinct Healing Retreats

The Holistic Path

The Health and Healing Hub


And as mentioned in this episode….

Clare is co-hosting an immersive one day event on August 1st 2020 in Brisbane, Australia. This event is to restore yourself through physical embodiment, emotional nourishment and spiritual alignment. Through yoga, meditation, ritual, workshops and food we will meet, move, nourish, journey, rise, root, remember and celebrate the gift of living in unity.

Find out more here.

Stay Safe Friends,


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