Some of our guests stayed in Bali after their retreat to enjoy the culinary fare of Ubud and to experience some Balinese culture.  One such event was the ‘Purification Ceremony’ (Penglukatan) at Pura Tirtha Empul on Wednesday October 26th. 

The ceremony is intended to cleanse the bhuana alit (the inner world of the individual human being or the micro-cosmos) of negativity so that he/she will be able (again) to enclose and utilize this inner power in an appropriate, spiritual way.  An offering was presented after we cleansed ourselves in the Holy Water Pool by immersing our heads three times under each of the 11 water fountains of Purification.

At the end of the ceremony one is symbolically cleansed of inner negativity by a pemangku (lay priest) or pedanda (high priest) with purifying sacred water called tirta penglukatan.

The symbolism of this ceremony is intended to remind the individual to guard himself against the selfish desires and actions of the ego in favor of the unselfish goals of the soul or higher self. One prays for a clear mind with positive thinking and for strength to keep one’s self- control in situations where negative emotions are bound to arise.

Thanks to our friend, Made, for guiding us through this amazing spiritual experience; A beautiful alignment and close to our Simply Renew Cleansing Program.

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