This recipe is amazing!  Personally tried and tested by me and I love it.  Check out Naturopath Holly’s Raw vegan summer pea soup

Holly's soup


2 cups peeled peas (frozen=not Raw, peeled=Raw)

1 shallot

2 tbsp. chopped mint

1 cup raw almond mylk

Salt and pepper

Topper: salad sprinkle and extra peas



Demonstration available on YouTube here

1. Take your peas, shallot, mint, almond milk and salt and mix in a high speed blender. If your

blender allows you can warm gently by blending for longer. Alternatively you may like to add

ice to cool on a hot day.

2. Top with salad sprinkle, pepper and a few extra peas.


Meet the Creator

Holly is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath in Brisbane Australia.


How will this recipe nourish my mind, body and spirit?

This delectable Raw vegan soup will taste so fresh and delicious you will forget that it is good for you! Something magical happens when you combine the creamy peas with the spritely mind and the savoury shallot that will have you licking the bowl. And healthy? This baby has nothing but goodness to keep you fuelled up on energetic B vitamins and give you the endurance of plant based protein.

My 3 favourite foods?

Easy, I am missing mangoes like my life depends on them at the moment. I eat these like crazy in summer, so much that they have their own storage cabinet for safe keeping. The others, oh medjool dates YUM! And my weakness salty popcorn made with coconut oil, salt and cinnamon!

My one biggest health tip?

I always say, if in doubt, throw leaves on it. I am a huge believer of just adding in all the good stuff until it crowds out the not so good stuff. Having pizza for dinner? Throw rocket on that baby and call it a day sista!

More about Holly.

She specialises in the area of Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw food diets in which she has over 15 years experience. Holly prides her ability to combine cutting edge research with tried and tested personal exploration.

Check out her work here at



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