Few things have changed the course of my personal and professional life as has engaging in restorative practices and rituals.

In particular managing stress. Within our daily decision making processes – if you can move out of flight or fight and into your parasympathetic nervous system, it is undisputedly proven (by science and us!)  that you will reduce stress and make far clearer, embodied, and sensible decisions for your wellbeing. We’ve been doing this with clients for over a decade. It just works. You see and feel the results.

Not convinced? Still sitting on the fence…? Fair call, in the early days I was a little dubious myself. I learnt the hard way: Poor health, financial hardship, broken relationships. Adrenal fatigue laid me horizontal in bed for a month; a decision made from a state of mental stress cost me (or taught me!) more than $100k in a month; and I spent over 3 years trying to slowly mend a relationship I had unconsciously sabotaged through my own mental anguish.


Adrenal fatigue laid me horizontal in bed for a month; a decision made from a state of mental stress cost me (or taught me!) more than $100k in a month; and I spent over 3 years trying to slowly mend a relationship I had unconsciously sabotaged through my own mental anguish.

Restorative Practices

SO let’s test this out: Here is a free restorative yoga class for you. You don’t need any fancy props, just two pillows from your bed and a 1/2 hour window of quiet time. Set an intention before you go into the class – it might be insight into a decision you need to make, or simply to let your body and mind rest. Let it all percolate as Clare guides you through the class, and then afterwards please let us know how you went. For real though, let us know if you came out feeling softer, with more clarity, or maybe you even had a well earned siestsa (the ultimate restoration!)?

Natural Instinct Healing are right behind you building self care practices and rituals into your life. If you’re not sure what that looks like, or would like to build a tailored plan then jump on a free Wellness Connection Call with one of global wellness experts.



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