Welcome to ‘Your Space,’ an embodied and direct experience that allows you to engage in a restorative moment of calm, to unwind, reflect and be nurtured. 

This session of “Your Space’ is the partner for episode 12 of “Lean In”: Worthiness: Kate Reardon on the Road to Knowing Who You Are.

There are always big challenges in life, sometimes when they show up we can enter into a space of excitement, curiosity or even fear. Should the path become difficult, our mind may start to create a narrative that prevents us from embracing the moment and reaching your fullest power and potential. 

Feelings of unworthiness or undeserving of your successes can become an unwanted fixture. We should always greet unworthiness like an old friend and speak to him, then we can begin to change the story.

In this accompaniment to episode 12 of ‘Lean In’, I will be your guide through intuitive and easy meditations, emotional processes, guided visualisations and the occasional blunt truth to get your body realigned, your mind relaxed and your soul stirred.

The perfect addition to help you to lean in.

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