We are in control of the kind of life we live. Sometimes it’s hard to make those tough decisions that take us in an unknown direction. They still must be made in order for us to stay true to ourselves.

Welcome to Your Space, an embodied and direct experience that allows you to engage in a restorative moment of calm, to unwind, reflect and be nurtured. 

This session of Your Space is the partner for episode 25 of Lean In: Trust in the Unknown: Elayna Carausu on Trading Stability for Adventure.

If you feel life is pulling you in a new direction, don’t be afraid to follow it. The unknown can be terrifying. However, the rewards of trusting our instincts and taking a leap of faith can be immeasurable. So, take that leap. 

In this accompaniment to episode 25 of ‘Lean In’, I will be your guide through intuitive and easy meditations, emotional processes, guided visualisations and the occasional blunt truth to get your body realigned, your mind relaxed and your soul stirred.

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