There is only one YOU that is unique in this world. Only 1 person out of billions and billions we share this planet with has your unique mind, body and spirit. When you don’t express yourself in a way that is true for you, the world misses out on all the incredible authentic gifts that only you can bring.

Welcome to Your Space, an embodied and direct experience that allows you to engage in a restorative moment of calm, to unwind, reflect and be nurtured.

This session of Your Space is the partner for episode 29 of Lean In: Be your best. Serve the greater good. Rock out wherever you are with Sara Agah Franti

When we express who we truly are with the world we show up in our wholeness, in our raw authenticity. Here’s the thing; the world needs you, not the masks you wear to “fit in” or to be accepted. The essence of you behind all the judgements and expectations and shame we place upon ourselves. If we can be brave enough to reveal who we are, our authentic soul expression with the world, incredible things start to happen! You deserve to be seen, heard, understood and experienced in your best self.

In this accompaniment to episode 29 of ‘Lean In’, I will be your guide through intuitive and easy meditations, emotional processes and guided visualisations to get your body realigned, your mind relaxed and your soul stirred.

The perfect addition to help you to lean in.

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