For us to deeply connect to who we are, to connect to those around us, and connect to Mother Earth there is 1 essential ingredient we need; understanding.

To be understood by another brings about an enormous capacity for healing within ourselves. When we start to understand others it deepens our potential for intimacy and takes our relationships to another level. And when we understand Mother Nature we can learn how to live with her in a less harmful and more conscious way that benefits everyone.

Welcome to Your Space, an embodied and direct experience that allows you to engage in a restorative moment of calm, to unwind, reflect and be nurtured.

This session of Your Space is the partner for episode Lean In 30: Storytelling; Understanding ourselves and each other better with Fraser Morton.

Understanding is paramount to healing, moving forward, connecting with each other, making positive choices, receiving what it is we desire, being more conscious, developing our awareness and growing and evolving within our mind, body and spirit.

In this accompaniment to episode 30 of ‘Lean In’, I will be your guide through intuitive and easy meditations, emotional processes and guided visualisations to get your body realigned, your mind relaxed and your soul stirred.

The perfect addition to help you to LEAN IN to whatever is happening within your own life.


If you are feeling as though you need a little extra support, nourishment, guidance and understanding in your own healing journey right now then please join me and jump on a FREE 15 min nourish and support call with my extraordinary team of wholistic health practitioners. This is time to focus solely on you, your personal experiences and how you can move forward with your own health, wellness and healing.

To book in a call today and receive my ‘Nourish + Support’ 10 meditation series bundle (all completely free) please visit us at

An offering my heart to yours to get us through this challenging and uncertain time.

Stay safe friends,

Love Kate

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