Quite often in life we follow a path that may feel as though it is somewhat planned out for us. We can easily fall into the way of following what we ‘should do’ or what we think is “the right thing” or what other people tell us to do.

If we do not ask ourselves what it is we truly want out of life we may end up on a path that might not be entirely true for our soul. Our life’s choices and decisions may not bring us experiences that bring out the best in ourselves and the authentic expression of who we are.

Welcome to Your Space, an embodied and direct experience that allows you to engage in a restorative moment of calm, to unwind, reflect and be nurtured.

This session of Your Space is the partner for episode Lean In 32: Truth; Following your heart to live a creative and vibrant life with Chocolako

It is so important for us to listen to the inner stirrings of our heart, the wisdom of our bodies and the deep calling of our truth. When we are in alignment with all that we are, honoring the cycles of our being and ‘showing up’ in our fullest potential then miraculous and exciting things start to happen for us.

It requires us to be connected to what is A-LIVE within us, what wants to come through and be expressed, be felt and be experienced. To live a full life, a life we are proud of, one of adventure and new experiences and so much fun, then we must learn to listen to our own inner truth and follow its wisdom and guidance.

In this accompaniment to episode 32 of ‘Lean In’, I will be your guide through intuitive and easy meditations, emotional processes and guided visualisations to get your body realigned, your mind relaxed and your soul stirred.

The perfect addition to help you to LEAN IN to whatever is happening within your own life.


If you are feeling as though you need a little extra support, nourishment, guidance and understanding in your own healing journey right now then please join me and jump on a FREE 15 min nourish and support call with my extraordinary team of wholistic health practitioners. This is time to focus solely on you, your personal experiences and how you can move forward with your own health, wellness and healing.

To book in a call today and receive my ‘Nourish + Support’ 10 meditation series bundle (all completely free) please visit us at https://bit.ly/nihsupport An offering my heart to yours to get us through this challenging and uncertain time.

Stay safe friends, Love Kate

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